AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
5 daysci/etnaviv: add flakes from nightly runsDavid Heidelberg1-0/+7
10 daysetnaviv: migrate from piglit include to generic deqp and toml specDavid Heidelberg2-3/+10
2024-05-06etnaviv: Zero init all srcs passed to etna_emit_alu(..)Christian Gmeiner1-1/+1
2024-05-02etnaviv/nn: Pipe through input/accumulation buffer depth from hwdbPhilipp Zabel5-6/+17
2024-05-02etnaviv: isa: Do src swizzle with isaspecChristian Gmeiner3-90/+118
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Add name for full writemaskChristian Gmeiner1-1/+1
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Rework modeling of left shift for store/loadChristian Gmeiner1-22/+22
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Add more flags to etna_instChristian Gmeiner2-10/+13
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Switch to enum isa_threadChristian Gmeiner2-7/+6
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Print dst_full for ALUChristian Gmeiner2-3/+3
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Add clang-format special commentsChristian Gmeiner1-0/+2
2024-04-29etnaviv: isa: Drop capturing of python outputChristian Gmeiner2-6/+15
2024-04-26etnaviv: Allow collecing both GPU and NPU specsPhilipp Zabel1-1/+6
2024-04-26etnaviv: Add a separate NPU pipePhilipp Zabel3-2/+17
2024-04-26etnaviv: Pass npu to etna_screen_create in a separate parameterPhilipp Zabel3-13/+42
2024-04-26etnaviv: drm: Stop after model query failurePhilipp Zabel1-3/+3
2024-04-26etnaviv: drm: Suppress get-param error message for non-existent corePhilipp Zabel1-1/+3
2024-04-25etnaviv/nn: Make parallel jobs disabled by defaultTomeu Vizoso5-5/+5
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Keep track of the sign bit when decrementing to zeroTomeu Vizoso1-1/+1
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Don't shortcut ZRL bits calculationTomeu Vizoso1-10/+0
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Enable image cacheTomeu Vizoso1-28/+52
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Move unused field to its right place in the structTomeu Vizoso1-1/+1
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Fix calculation of remaining out channelsTomeu Vizoso1-7/+3
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Ensure tile_y is > 0Tomeu Vizoso1-0/+1
2024-04-24etnaviv/nn: Extend post-multiplier for v8 architecturePhilipp Zabel1-5/+18
2024-04-24etnaviv: Add nn_core_version field to etna_specsPhilipp Zabel2-0/+9
2024-04-24etnaviv: hwdb: Add VIP_V7 and NN_XYDP0 feature bitsPhilipp Zabel2-0/+5
2024-04-24etnaviv: Avoid duplicate query of ETNA_GPU_FEATURES_0 parameterPhilipp Zabel1-4/+1
2024-04-24etnaviv: common: Add PIPE_3D feature bitPhilipp Zabel3-0/+3
2024-04-23etnaviv/nn: Implement zero run length encoding of weightsTomeu Vizoso5-106/+300
2024-04-23etnaviv: drm: Drop NPU-related paramsChristian Gmeiner2-62/+20
2024-04-22etnaviv: Don't init the blitter in compute-only contextsTomeu Vizoso1-3/+5
2024-04-18etnaviv: avoid re-defining prog_pythonEric Engestrom1-1/+0
2024-04-16etnaviv: flip the switch on MSAA supportLucas Stach3-20/+28
2024-04-16etnaviv: Fix disabling of featuresChristian Gmeiner1-7/+7
2024-04-16etnaviv: Switch to etna_core_disable_feature(..)Christian Gmeiner1-2/+2
2024-04-15etnaviv: hwdb: Drop stdint.h dependencyChristian Gmeiner1-2/+2
2024-04-15ci/etnaviv: update expectation after piglit uprevLucas Stach1-4/+0
2024-04-15etnaviv: rs: treat depth-only clear to X8Z24 surfaces as full clearLucas Stach1-1/+1
2024-04-15etnaviv: ci: update expectation with fixed depth/stencil clearsLucas Stach1-2/+0
2024-04-15etnaviv: split TS and non-TS RS clear commandsLucas Stach3-17/+23
2024-04-15etnaviv: trigger TS derivation after slow clearLucas Stach1-1/+2
2024-04-15etnaviv: Drop not needed check if seamless cube map is supportedChristian Gmeiner1-3/+2
2024-04-13etnaviv: drm: Remove fallback value for ETNA_GPU_NUM_CONSTANTSChristian Gmeiner1-4/+0
2024-04-13etnaviv: Copy values from etna_core_infoChristian Gmeiner1-98/+22
2024-04-13etnaviv: drm: Fill limitsChristian Gmeiner1-1/+58
2024-04-13etnaviv: hwdb: Fill limitsChristian Gmeiner1-0/+20
2024-04-13etnaviv: common: Add some limit valuesChristian Gmeiner1-0/+25
2024-04-13etnaviv: common: Add enum etna_core_typeChristian Gmeiner3-0/+22
2024-04-13etnaviv: drm: Make use of hwdbChristian Gmeiner2-1/+11