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authorBen Widawsky <>2015-10-23 11:30:16 -0700
committerBen Widawsky <>2015-11-03 10:00:17 -0800
commitdde33fc23c4ef8b8e02fb5768161fdaa078847d5 (patch)
parent7cbd6608f544591bc6aadf48877608b30a78ccb8 (diff)
i965/skl: PCI ID cleanup and brand strings
A few new PCI ids are added here, and one is removed (0x190B) because it no longer seems to exist anywhere. v2-4: Only use ascii characters (Ilia) 0x1921 is no longer marked as f Reviewed-by: Jordan Justen <> Signed-off-by: Ben Widawsky <>
1 files changed, 19 insertions, 15 deletions
diff --git a/include/pci_ids/i965_pci_ids.h b/include/pci_ids/i965_pci_ids.h
index 626064a75c5..5891ba67ea4 100644
--- a/include/pci_ids/i965_pci_ids.h
+++ b/include/pci_ids/i965_pci_ids.h
@@ -109,21 +109,25 @@ CHIPSET(0x162A, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Pro P6300 (Broadwell GT3e)")
CHIPSET(0x162B, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris 6100 (Broadwell GT3)")
CHIPSET(0x162D, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Broadwell GT3")
CHIPSET(0x162E, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Broadwell GT3")
-CHIPSET(0x1902, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake DT GT1")
-CHIPSET(0x1906, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake ULT GT1")
-CHIPSET(0x190A, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake SRV GT1")
-CHIPSET(0x190B, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake Halo GT1")
-CHIPSET(0x190E, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake ULX GT1")
-CHIPSET(0x1912, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake DT GT2")
-CHIPSET(0x1916, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake ULT GT2")
-CHIPSET(0x191A, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake SRV GT2")
-CHIPSET(0x191B, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake Halo GT2")
-CHIPSET(0x191D, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake WKS GT2")
-CHIPSET(0x191E, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake ULX GT2")
-CHIPSET(0x1921, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake ULT GT2F")
-CHIPSET(0x1926, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Skylake ULT GT3")
-CHIPSET(0x192A, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Skylake SRV GT3")
-CHIPSET(0x192B, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Skylake Halo GT3")
+CHIPSET(0x1902, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 510 (Skylake GT1)")
+CHIPSET(0x1906, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 510 (Skylake GT1)")
+CHIPSET(0x190A, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake GT1")
+CHIPSET(0x190E, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake GT1")
+CHIPSET(0x1912, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2)")
+CHIPSET(0x1913, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2f")
+CHIPSET(0x1915, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2f")
+CHIPSET(0x1916, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (Skylake GT2)")
+CHIPSET(0x1917, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2f")
+CHIPSET(0x191A, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2")
+CHIPSET(0x191B, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2)")
+CHIPSET(0x191D, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics P530 (Skylake GT2)")
+CHIPSET(0x191E, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 515 (Skylake GT2)")
+CHIPSET(0x1921, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2")
+CHIPSET(0x1923, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics 540 (Skylake GT3e)")
+CHIPSET(0x1926, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 535 (Skylake GT3)")
+CHIPSET(0x1927, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics 550 (Skylake GT3e)")
+CHIPSET(0x192A, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
+CHIPSET(0x192B, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics (Skylake GT3fe)")
CHIPSET(0x1932, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x193A, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x193B, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")