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st/mesa: bind NULL colorbuffers as specified by glDrawBuffers
An example why it is required: Let's say there's a fragment shader writing to gl_FragData[0..1]. The user calls: glDrawBuffers(2, {GL_NONE, GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0}); That means gl_FragData[0] is unused and gl_FragData[1] is written to GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0. st/mesa was skipping the GL_NONE draw buffer, therefore gl_FragData[0] was written to GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0, which was wrong. This commit fixes it, but drivers must also be fixed not to crash when binding NULL colorbuffers. There is also a new set of piglit tests for this. The MSAA state also had to be fixed not to crash when reading fb->cbufs[0]. Reviewed-by: Brian Paul <>
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