AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-04-06radeon: Simplify the radeon microcode loading.r6xx-r7xx-supportAlex Deucher2-254/+135
2009-04-02Add support for RV790 (HD 4890) asicsAlex Deucher2-2/+4
2009-03-30Merge branch 'master' into r6xx-r7xx-supportAlex Deucher177-10388/+24932
2009-03-29RS780: Load the right firmwareAlex Deucher1-4/+4
2009-03-26libdrm/intel: support GTT maps correctlyJesse Barnes2-16/+42
2009-03-25nouveau: plug drm fifo ioremap leak (#14941)Stuart Bennett1-0/+1
2009-03-25nouveau: add linux compat defines for PCI config access, use them for nvidia ...Stuart Bennett2-18/+34
2009-03-25nouveau: use PFB_CSTATUS naming from ddx (reg introduced with nv10)Stuart Bennett3-9/+7
2009-03-25libdrm/nouveau: fix typo in nouveau_device_close()Ben Skeggs1-1/+1
2009-03-20libdrm/nouveau: ask the kernel for vram/gart aperture sizesBen Skeggs2-0/+19
2009-03-20libdrm/nouveau: remove unneccesary null ptr checksBen Skeggs1-4/+2
2009-03-20libdrm/nouveau: incr refcount on ref fence before decr on old fenceBen Skeggs1-11/+5
2009-03-19radeon: add new pci idsAlex Deucher1-0/+2
2009-03-20libdrm/nouveau: unref fences when deleting boMaarten Maathuis1-0/+4
2009-03-18libdrm/nouveau: implement bo_handle_get for !mm_enabledBen Skeggs1-11/+12
2009-03-16radeon: sync up with more changes from drm-next treeAlex Deucher5-635/+648
2009-03-16libdrm_nouveau: The handle that is passed to mmap needs to be drm_handle_tRobert Noland1-1/+1
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Set up the nouveau build infrastructureRobert Noland38-1/+573
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Add support for matching solely on vedor id.Robert Noland1-2/+6
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Improve the debug output of drm_mmap().Robert Noland1-1/+6
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Add list_for_each_prev() to our bank of compat functions.Robert Noland1-0/+4
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Don't set the PZERO flag to mtx_sleep.Robert Noland3-8/+3
2009-03-16FreeBSD: use flsl() instead of ffsl().Robert Noland1-1/+1
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Minor code cleanup.Robert Noland1-1/+1
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Increase MAX_PCI_RESOURCERobert Noland1-1/+1
2009-03-16FreeBSD: Cast map handles to vm_offset_tRobert Noland1-6/+12
2009-03-15radeon: irq fixes for rs600Alex Deucher2-9/+9
2009-03-13drm/radeon: r600 ptes are 64-bit, cleanup cleanup function.Dave Airlie1-1/+1
2009-03-13drm/radeon: don't call irq changes on r600 suspend/resumeDave Airlie1-0/+6
2009-03-13drm/radeon: fix r600 writeback across suspend/resumeDave Airlie1-3/+0
2009-03-09FreeBSD: Fix the printing of maps on amd64/i386 to be consistentRobert Noland1-3/+3
2009-03-09FreeBSD: Fix up the flags for bus_dmamem here as well.Robert Noland1-4/+4
2009-03-09drm/radeon: fix r600 writeback setup.Dave Airlie1-19/+24
2009-03-09drm/radeon: fix r600 pci mapping calls.Dave Airlie1-6/+5
2009-03-09R6xx/R7xx: remove extra padding on cache flush and wait_untilAlex Deucher1-4/+1
2009-03-08FreeBSD: Fix up the flags to bus_dmamem_*Robert Noland1-2/+3
2009-03-08FreeBSD use kdev for kernel device namevehemens11-99/+99
2009-03-07r6xx/r7xx: fix possible oops in r600_page_table_cleanup()Alex Deucher1-0/+4
2009-03-06drm/nouveau: make portion of vram as reserved for PRAMIN on all chipsetsBen Skeggs2-6/+2
2009-03-05FreeBSD: Rework DRM_[DEBUG,ERROR,INFO] macros a bit.Robert Noland1-5/+5
2009-03-05FreeBSD: Garbage collect entries from pcireg.h since we now include it.Robert Noland1-9/+0
2009-03-05FreeBSD: We only want drm to ever attach to the primary pci device.Robert Noland2-0/+5
2009-03-05FreeBSD: rework drm_scatter.c which allocates scatter / gather pages for use byRobert Noland2-31/+91
2009-03-04radeon: pull in ring padding form drm-nextAlex Deucher3-36/+47
2009-03-03drm: drop Linux < 2.6.21 supportPekka Paalanen3-195/+1
2009-03-03drm, via: drop Linux < 2.6.20 supportPekka Paalanen3-29/+0
2009-03-02Revert "R6xx/R7xx: don't pad ring for IB age submission"Alex Deucher1-1/+7
2009-03-02drm: drop Linux < 2.6.19 supportPekka Paalanen7-437/+3
2009-03-02drm: drop Linux < 2.6.18 supportPekka Paalanen2-56/+0
2009-03-02drm: drop Linux < 2.6.16 supportPekka Paalanen2-12/+0