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tdf#72038 Improve number format recognition help
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<helpdocument version="1.0">
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<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/.uno:TableNumberRecognition" id="bm_id3219862" localize="false"/>
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/modules/swriter/ui/opttablepage/numformatting" id="bm_id3152577" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3153142" xml-lang="en-US" level="3">Number recognition</paragraph>
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3149481" xml-lang="en-US"><ahelp hid="modules/swriter/ui/opttablepage/numformatting">Specifies that numbers in a text table are recognized and formatted as numbers.</ahelp></paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3149481" xml-lang="en-US"><ahelp hid="modules/swriter/ui/opttablepage/numformatting">Specifies that numbers in a text table are recognized and formatted as numbers.</ahelp> Table cells in %PRODUCTNAME Writer can recognize a number when it is represented in one of the number formats available in categories of Numbers, Percent, Currency, Date, Time, Scientific, Fraction and Boolean.</paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id871520543043646" xml-lang="en-US">The recognized number is displayed with default number format for table cells, and sets the cell format to the recognized category. For example, if a number is recongized as Date, the cell format category is set to Date. You can set a specific number format for the cell, for example, a date entered as <item type="input">8/3/2018</item> displays as Thursday March 8, 2018 when the cell number format is set to "Friday, December 31, 1999" in the Number Format dialog.</paragraph>
+<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_id451520542990536" role="note">Recognized Date and Time numbers are converted to internal date and time serial values. Percent numbers are converted internally to their numeric values. Boolean values are converted internally to 0 or 1.</paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id331520543028270" xml-lang="en-US">When an input cannot be recognized as a number, the number category changes to <emph>Text</emph> and the input is not changed.</paragraph>
<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3155306" xml-lang="en-US">If <emph>Number recognition</emph> is not marked, numbers are saved in text format and are automatically left-aligned.</paragraph>
<section id="opttabf1">
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/modules/swriter/ui/opttablepage/numfmtformatting" id="bm_id3154729" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3155856" xml-lang="en-US" level="3">Number format recognition</paragraph>
<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3159346" xml-lang="en-US"><ahelp hid="modules/swriter/ui/opttablepage/numfmtformatting">If<emph> Number format recognition </emph>is not marked, only input in the format that has been set at the cell is accepted. Any other input resets the format to <emph>Text</emph>.</ahelp></paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id391520546159065" xml-lang="en-US">For example, if a cell contains a date value and has its cell format as date, a new input of a percent value in the cell set the cell format to <emph>Text</emph> and the percent input number is not recognized.</paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id961520546165825" xml-lang="en-US">When <emph>Number format recognition</emph> is marked, input numbers sets the cell format to the recognized number category.</paragraph>
<section id="opttabg">
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/modules/swriter/ui/opttablepage/numalignment" id="bm_id3149581" localize="false"/>