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desc. of non-standard hyphenation patterns in user-defined dict.
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<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/cui/ui/editdictionarydialog/word" id="bm_id3155334" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3151189" xml-lang="en-US" level="3" l10n="U" oldref="83">Word</paragraph>
<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3151252" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="CHG" oldref="84"><ahelp hid="cui/ui/editdictionarydialog/word">You can type a new word for inclusion in the dictionary. In the list below you will see the contents of the current custom dictionary.</ahelp> If you select a word from this list it is displayed in the text field. If you type a word with a trailing = character, such as "AutoComplete=", the word is never automatically hyphenated and no hyphenation is suggested. Typing "Auto=Complete" results in the word being hyphenated, or a hyphenation suggested, where you insert the = sign.</paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3151253" xml-lang="en-US">You can use a [] block instead of the = sign to specify character changes before the hyphenation break. Possible character changes: (1) Extra characters, for example <emph>tug[g]gumi</emph> results the correct hyphenation “tugg- gummi” of the Swedish word “tuggummi”. (2) Character removing specified by a digit, for example <emph>paral·[1]lel</emph> results correct hyphenation “paral- lel” of the Catalan word “paral·lel”, removing one character before the break point. (3) Both removed and extra characters, for example <emph>cafee[2é]tje</emph> results correct hyphenation “café- tje” of the Dutch word “cafeetje”, removing two characters before the break point, and adding an extra one.</paragraph>
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/cui/ui/editdictionarydialog/replace" id="bm_id3147346" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3155175" xml-lang="en-US" level="3" l10n="U" oldref="85">Suggestion</paragraph>
<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3147323" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="CHG" oldref="86"><ahelp hid="cui/ui/editdictionarydialog/replace">This input field is only available if you are editing an exception dictionary. The field shows the alternative suggestion for the current word in the "Word" text box.</ahelp></paragraph>