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2013-06-15gbuild: allow to use RepositoryFixes also for executablesMatúš Kukan1-6/+0
2013-04-30Move to MPLv2 license headers, with ESC decision and author's permission.Michael Meeks1-21/+4
2013-01-26gbuild: fix silly "expandtabs" in makefile VIM modelinesMichael Stahl1-1/+1
2012-12-19Remove obsolete regsingletonStephan Bergmann1-1/+0
2012-12-18API CHANGE: Remove obsolete regcomp from UREStephan Bergmann1-1/+0
2012-11-21None of this for non-desktop OSes I thinkTor Lillqvist1-8/+2
2012-08-09android: don't try to package binaries we havn't builtMichael Meeks1-1/+3
2012-08-07No point with these executables for non-desktop OSesTor Lillqvist1-0/+2
2012-04-11also deliver .bin variants of the toolsDavid Tardon1-0/+6
2012-04-11gbuild conversion: cpputools moduleDavid Ostrovsky1-0/+45