AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-03-11bump product version to Lohmaier1-1/+1
2020-03-11update creditsChristian Lohmaier1-1352/+1402
2020-03-11tdf#131060 tdf#117088 chart view: fix missing or truncated axis labelsBalazs Varga3-11/+52
2020-03-11tdf#131210: avoid infinite loop in 'Date acceptance patterns'Julien Nabet1-0/+2
2020-03-11Resolves: tdf#131248 a11y crash when closing SQL Edit QueryCaolán McNamara1-0/+3
2020-03-11tdf#131208 Don't try to set cursor focus after style applyJim Raykowski1-1/+1
2020-03-11crash after master document navigator updateCaolán McNamara1-4/+7
2020-03-11tdf#130515 Time field in Base form will not display correct formatNoel Grandin2-1/+30
2020-03-11tdf#118893: avoid nullptr dereferenceMike Kaganski1-1/+1
2020-03-11tdf#126904 calc right arrow large unexpected column jump in protected sheetNoel Grandin1-1/+2
2020-03-11Update git submodulesChristian Lohmaier1-0/+0
2020-03-11Resolves tdf#127782 - New Print dialog is too highHeiko Tietze1-2/+2
2020-03-10tdf#130680 sw_redlinehide: fix crash in SwUndoDeleteMichael Stahl1-7/+18
2020-03-05tdf#131031 Gtk3 presume the resize did happenJan-Marek Glogowski1-0/+3
2020-02-28bump product version to Lohmaier1-1/+1
2020-02-28Branch libreoffice-6-4-2Christian Lohmaier4-1/+1
2020-02-28tdf#122218 TDF builds for 6.4 are now done on Mojave with Xcode 11Christian Lohmaier1-0/+1
2020-02-28macOS: don't sign executables earlyChristian Lohmaier2-11/+35
2020-02-28sw: DOCX export: for SwDropDownField, don't write FORMDROPDOWNMichael Stahl3-31/+92
2020-02-28tdf#130917 Invalid document after odt->docx with signaturelineSamuel Mehrbrodt2-6/+12
2020-02-28Update git submodulesChristian Lohmaier1-0/+0
2020-02-28tdf#130071 tdf#127815 qt5: Use ExtTextInput only for multi-char key eventsMichael Weghorn1-1/+1
2020-02-28tdf#130989 we want to fill the menu when the menubutton is toggled onCaolán McNamara2-3/+6
2020-02-28Breeze & Sifr: Fix for tdf#130939rizmut28-10/+24
2020-02-27tdf#130908 Chapter Numbering can't load custom styleNoel Grandin3-6/+29
2020-02-27desktop: soffice --print-to-file generates PDF but names it ".ps"Michael Stahl1-1/+1
2020-02-27tdf#130679 Draw: Convert to polygon doesn't workNoel Grandin1-1/+1
2020-02-27Resolves tdf#127508 - Flat table header in CalcHeiko Tietze2-33/+5
2020-02-27tdf#130959 crash when opening file with non-existing hyperlinksNoel Grandin1-1/+1
2020-02-27check if edit can be enabled after setting cursor into treeCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
2020-02-27tdf#130915 auto-select first entry when treeview filledCaolán McNamara1-0/+3
2020-02-27tdf#91219 sw: don't allow anchoring a shape+textbox into itselfMiklos Vajna5-1/+155
2020-02-27Resolves: tdf#130825 Compare exclusive end, not inclusive end sheet numberEike Rathke1-1/+1
2020-02-27Fix @since tagStephan Bergmann1-1/+1
2020-02-27WIN prevent deadlock in SetForegroundWindowJan-Marek Glogowski1-8/+1
2020-02-27elementary: Fix for tdf#130947rizmut10-2/+5
2020-02-27Update git submodulesAndras Timar1-0/+0
2020-02-26tdf#130925 use the maximum document line number for the width calculationCaolán McNamara1-1/+2
2020-02-26tdf#130657 OOXML chart import: fix charts without CrossBetweenBalazs Varga3-1/+20
2020-02-26Sifr: Update dark chart color, clean links.txt, remove similar iconsrizmut323-333/+791
2020-02-26Resolves tdf#130742 - Flat ODF in start centerHeiko Tietze1-4/+4
2020-02-26tdf#130105 Chart OOXML Import: Fix data label positionBalazs Varga4-15/+40
2020-02-26tdf#130793 Fix import/export of image URLsSamuel Mehrbrodt2-1/+14
2020-02-26tdf#130915 second treeview doesn't use its checkboxesCaolán McNamara1-22/+2
2020-02-26tdf#130483 prevent pasting cell exceeds the border.Mark Hung1-5/+15
2020-02-26Resolves: tdf#130922 don't crash removing non-existing elementsCaolán McNamara1-1/+3
2020-02-26Resolves: tdf130874 reversed logicCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2020-02-25sw: DOCX export: limit FORMDROPDOWN listEntry to Word's abilitiesMichael Stahl1-4/+5
2020-02-25tdf#130915 SvTreeList::Move needs to move from lower index to higherCaolán McNamara1-2/+4
2020-02-25sw: improve DOCX export of footnote separator a little moreMichael Stahl4-3/+38