AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-05-22updae getTileModefeature/cp-5.0-cairo-svpCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
2016-05-21Resolves: tdf#95962 incorrect scanline strideCaolán McNamara12-105/+57
2016-05-21Resolves: rhbz#1283426 using vdevs based on now dead physical devs is unsafeCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
2016-05-20cairo svp: Sync the vcl unit tests with master.Jan Holesovsky2-15/+11
2016-05-16cairo svp: Build fixes in the rest of the codebase.Jan Holesovsky6-81/+11
2016-05-16cairo svp: Now it finally builds.Jan Holesovsky4-11/+22
2016-05-16retain type for another levelCaolán McNamara10-10/+11
2016-05-16cairo svp: More build fixes.Jan Holesovsky2-3/+6
2016-05-16valgrind: scary warning that the cairo font options were deleted before useCaolán McNamara7-26/+11
2016-05-16cairo svp: More build fixes.Jan Holesovsky10-52/+19
2016-05-16op is always SAL_OBJECT_CLIP_INCLUDERECTSCaolán McNamara1-16/+2
2016-05-16SAL_OBJECT_CLIP_ABSOLUTE is never usedCaolán McNamara2-14/+1
2016-05-16nothing needs GetClipRegionType or uses SAL_OBJECT_CLIP_INCLUDERECTS nowCaolán McNamara9-34/+2
2016-05-16cairo svp: Even more build fixes.Jan Holesovsky6-23/+9
2016-05-16rename drawSurface to releaseCairoContextCaolán McNamara4-3/+4
2016-05-16cairo svp: More build fixes.Jan Holesovsky6-26/+9
2016-05-16tdf#93684 - Remove SalFrame::SyncRyan McCoskrie17-50/+7
2016-05-16last arg of SetOutputSizePixelScaleOffsetAndBuffer no longer usedCaolán McNamara2-7/+2
2016-05-16vcl: actually that shared_array was a scamMichael Stahl4-42/+12
2016-05-16use cairo-compatible top-down direction virtual devices everywhereCaolán McNamara4-20/+15
2016-05-16cairo svp: More build fixes.Jan Holesovsky5-16/+10
2016-05-16cairo svp: Build fixes.Jan Holesovsky1-2/+2
2016-05-16coverity#708213 ditch the empty ctor/dtorsCaolán McNamara1-10/+3
2016-05-16make CalcMaskShift a verifiable operationCaolán McNamara7-79/+173
2016-05-16WaE: this method can be declared static ColorMaskElement::CalcMaskShiftTor Lillqvist1-4/+4
2016-05-16move CalcMaskShift to ColorMaskElementCaolán McNamara1-35/+32
2016-05-16move mask into ColorMaskElement tooCaolán McNamara1-40/+37
2016-05-16split out shared rgb components into structsCaolán McNamara1-58/+69
2016-05-16cairo svp: WindowStateMask::* -> WINDOWSTATE_MASK_*Jan Holesovsky1-7/+7
2016-05-16cairo svp: More build fixes.Jan Holesovsky7-10/+10
2016-05-16establish that Virtual Devices either match Physical Device depth or ...Caolán McNamara46-154/+249
2016-05-16cairo svp: SalFrameToTop -> sal_uInt16.Jan Holesovsky2-3/+3
2016-05-16cairo svp: SalFrameStyleFlags -> sal_uLong.Jan Holesovsky4-11/+11
2016-05-16cairo svp: mnSetFontFlags is unused, and gone in master.Jan Holesovsky9-15/+13
2016-05-16cairo svp: SalEvent -> sal_uInt16.Jan Holesovsky4-15/+15
2016-05-16cairo svp: Initial copy from master.Jan Holesovsky25-2217/+1767
2016-05-16lok context menu: Include uno commands for submenus tooPranav Kant1-0/+2
2016-05-16Revert "lok context menu: Include uno commands for submenus too"Pranav Kant1-99/+0
2016-05-16lok context menu: Include uno commands for submenus tooPranav Kant1-0/+99
2016-05-15LOK: invalidate cursor only when requiredAshod Nakashian1-1/+1
2016-05-15LOK: ensure KeyInput is handled with the correct MapModeAshod Nakashian1-0/+5
2016-05-15LOK: invalidate annotation window upon showingAshod Nakashian1-0/+6
2016-05-15LOK: improved event handling and fixesAshod Nakashian1-11/+28
2016-05-15Revert "LOK: simplify notification compression to minimize error"Ashod Nakashian2-23/+30
2016-05-13framework: register DispatchDisabler serviceMiklos Vajna1-0/+3
2016-05-13framework: initial implementation of a dispatch disabler.Michael Meeks6-3/+295
2016-05-12sc lok: Invalidate the new extended areacp-5.0-35Pranav Kant1-1/+27
2016-05-11sc: Add new param, DontTerminateEdit, to .uno:SavePranav Kant3-3/+11
2016-05-11Bump version to 5.0-35Andras Timar1-1/+1
2016-05-10sc lok: Extend the spreadsheet area when we are "close enough" to the end.Jan Holesovsky1-5/+6