AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
30 hourssw: avoid popup window for the EmbeddedObject property of an UNO OLE objectdistro/vector/vector-7.0Miklos Vajna5-1/+72
6 dayssw: fix corrupted proxy object for SwGrfNode via the view cursor UNO APIMiklos Vajna3-1/+28
8 dayssw XHTML export: fix missing <li> around nested <ul>/<ol>Miklos Vajna2-1/+53
13 daystdf#134298 sw: layout: remove left-over page frame without contentMichael Stahl5-40/+108
2021-10-06(related tdf#134298) sw: layout: avoid infinite loop in InternalAction()Michael Stahl1-8/+12
2021-10-06tdf#138039 tdf#134298 sw: layout: fix overlap of fly and tableMichael Stahl3-3/+57
2021-10-05tdf#135942: avoid collecting autostyles during writing themMike Kaganski5-1/+37
2021-10-01embeddedobj: add a status indicator for the Further objects dialogMiklos Vajna2-1/+49
2021-10-01cui: add a status indicator for the OLE insert dialogMiklos Vajna1-0/+29
2021-09-10ODT export: order <style:font-face> elements inside <office:font-face-decls>Miklos Vajna4-12/+108
2021-09-01sfx2: allow storeAsURL() on the main threadMiklos Vajna1-1/+10
2021-08-11embeddedobj: implement XServiceInfo in the various embedded obj implementationsMiklos Vajna8-2/+128
2021-08-10sw HTML export: avoid writing EMF data with JPG extensionMiklos Vajna3-1/+23
2021-07-29tdf#141141 sync SalFrame::GetFrameWeld and weld::GetPopupParentCaolán McNamara1-2/+3
2021-07-21sw XHTML import, improved <object> handling for images: support more formatsMiklos Vajna6-1/+69
2021-07-21sw XHTML import: improve handling of <object> with imagesMiklos Vajna5-2/+53
2021-07-15sfx2: handle OnMainThread=true in SfxOfficeDispatch::dispatch()Miklos Vajna2-2/+27
2021-07-15framework, sfx2: catch more exceptions when the object is already disposedMiklos Vajna2-2/+25
2021-07-15sfx2: fix assert failure when deleting SfxOfficeDispatch on a threadMiklos Vajna1-0/+5
2021-07-09tdf#142871 sw HTML export: avoid unwanted inner PNG for imagesMiklos Vajna3-3/+34
2021-06-29write out image size in html export for 'keep ratio' imagesLuboš Luňák1-4/+4
2021-06-29fix a size warningLuboš Luňák2-3/+3
2021-06-29set size properly when setting embed size from fallback graphicLuboš Luňák1-14/+3
2021-06-16sw HTML export: allow larger bitmaps for shapes than the vcl defaultMiklos Vajna6-20/+19
2021-06-16sw XHTML / reqif export: handle multiple lists when detecting header-only listsMiklos Vajna2-2/+95
2021-06-15sw XHTML/reqif export, OLE data for transparent images: avoid black backgroundMiklos Vajna3-2/+54
2021-06-14when converting WMF to WMF, simply do a direct copyLuboš Luňák3-0/+83
2021-06-14drop EMF+ also when converting WMF, not just EMFLuboš Luňák5-6/+17
2021-06-11sw image anchor type: consider a style-based custom valueMiklos Vajna3-1/+40
2021-06-11sw image anchor type: add style UI for thisMiklos Vajna1-4/+4
2021-06-11sw keep aspect ratio: add style UI for this settingMiklos Vajna3-2/+29
2021-06-11sw keep aspect ratio: add filter for this settingMiklos Vajna3-0/+73
2021-06-09sw: allow the height of a line to be larger than 65536 twips, fix two warningsMiklos Vajna1-2/+2
2021-06-09sw: allow the width of a line portion to be larger than 65536 twipsMiklos Vajna9-14/+65
2021-06-08sw: allow the height of a line to be larger than 65536 twipsMiklos Vajna21-85/+133
2021-06-07sw HTML export: allow custom DPI for the bitmaps of shapesMiklos Vajna11-14/+147
2021-06-04sw HTML export: fix pixel size of shapesMiklos Vajna6-10/+67
2021-06-04sw XHTML / reqif export: fix PNG export of shapesMiklos Vajna2-0/+36
2021-06-04sw XHTML / reqif export: implement OLE wrapper support for shapesMiklos Vajna2-30/+86
2021-06-04sw XHTML / reqif export: export non-PNG graphic shapes directlyMiklos Vajna2-4/+66
2021-06-04sw XHTML / reqif export: export PNG shapes directlyMiklos Vajna2-4/+51
2021-06-04sw XHTML / reqif export: write PNG fallback for non-PNG imagesMiklos Vajna4-30/+86
2021-06-04sw XHTML / reqif export: export PNG images directly, without an OLE wrapperMiklos Vajna4-32/+105
2021-05-31sw XHTML / reqif export, RTF markup of images: write OLE1 presentation dataMiklos Vajna2-17/+43
2021-05-28sw XHTML / reqif export, RTF markup of images: write objdataMiklos Vajna4-7/+79
2021-05-28sw XHTML / reqif export, RTF markup of images: write WMF in \pictMiklos Vajna2-38/+58
2021-05-14sw XHTML export: fix <blockquote> with no-margin to not have character childrenMiklos Vajna2-2/+34
2021-05-14sw XHTML export: fix handling of list labelsMiklos Vajna2-1/+98
2021-05-12embeddedobj: handle getting the visible area on a threadMiklos Vajna11-3/+324
2021-04-30sw html/reqif export: fix size of presentation data for "real" OLE2 embeddingMiklos Vajna3-2/+37