AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
40 hoursWeekly version bump: N5distro/nisz/libreoffice-6-4Gabor Kelemen1-1/+1
41 hourstdf#134685 DOCX table import: fix gridBefore + cell widthLászló Németh5-6/+22
9 daysMove custom version numbering to configure.acGabor Kelemen3-3/+3
10 daysWeekly version bump: N4Gabor Kelemen2-2/+2
10 daystdf#134111 Chart OOXML Import: set text break to trueBalazs Varga3-1/+20
13 daystdf#134826 XLSX import: extend localized bold/italic footer/headerTibor Nagy3-2/+36
13 daysxmlsecurity: detect unsigned incremental update between signaturesMiklos Vajna8-34/+153
13 daystdf#134817 XLSX export: fix partially lost header/footerAttila Szűcs3-1/+21
13 daystdf#134459 XLSX export: fix missing font color in header/footerAttila Szűcs3-0/+27
13 daystdf#134659 chart2: use centered label alignment at text breakBalazs Varga3-1/+22
13 daystdf#120760 DOCX shape import: fix Z-order with behindDocSzabolcs Toth3-4/+29
13 daystdf#122014 Chart OOXML import: set chart title alignment to centerTünde Tóth3-1/+21
13 daystdf#134255 Chart OOXML Import: set the auto text wrapBalazs Varga3-0/+26
13 daystdf#134606 DOCX table import: fix gridBefore + nestingLászló Németh3-15/+37
13 daystdf#129452 writerfilter: preserve gridSpans longer than currentRowJustin Luth5-38/+42
13 daystdf#129452 writerfilter: preserve gridBefore longer than currentRowJustin Luth5-22/+30
13 dayswriterfilter: clang-format these filesMiklos Vajna11-232/+171
14 daysAdd missed xmlDocUniquePtr -> xmlDocPtr from previous commitKelemen Gábor1-1/+1
2020-07-28tdf#134146 Chart OOXML import: break long horizontal Y axis titleTünde Tóth5-5/+40
2020-07-28Disable failing unit testKelemen Gábor1-0/+2
2020-07-28tdf#134235 Chart OOXML import: fix long chart titleTünde Tóth7-9/+43
2020-07-28Resolves: tdf#131424 separator in TableRef column specifier is validEike Rathke1-1/+11
2020-07-28tdf#133735 DOCX: fix paragraph settings of nested tablesLászló Németh2-0/+14
2020-07-28tdf#134277 sw table: fix lagging shape at page breakBakos Attila3-3/+26
2020-07-28tdf#127778 DOCX import: fix unexpected heading on non-first page ...Miklos Vajna7-11/+38
2020-07-28DOCX export: fix interaction between the crop and the wrap polygon of imageMiklos Vajna8-16/+45
2020-07-28DOCX import: fix interaction between the crop and the wrap polygon of imagesMiklos Vajna7-8/+74
2020-07-28Resolves: tdf#131536 TEXT() support empty format string mimicking ExcelEike Rathke1-0/+12
2020-07-28tdf#133863 tdf#133864 DOCX shape import: width relative to insideRegényi Balázs4-2/+59
2020-07-27tdf#126425 Chart: fix missing legend with exceeding textTünde Tóth3-6/+67
2020-07-27tdf#133670 DOCX import: fix shape width relative to right marginSzabolcs Toth4-0/+24
2020-07-27tdf#132976 DOCX import: fix shape width relative to left marginSzabolcs Toth4-4/+33
2020-07-27tdf#92526 DrawingML shape export: fix 0 line widthSzabolcs Toth3-1/+13
2020-07-26Weekly version number bump: N3Gabor Kelemen2-4/+2
2020-07-26tdf#133924 DOCX export: fix text wraps around frameTibor Nagy3-8/+15
2020-07-26tdf#133701 DOXC export: fix frame distance from textTibor Nagy3-1/+18
2020-07-26tdf#134035 sw: insert long date format for HungarianLászló Németh2-0/+25
2020-07-26tdf#106234 sw: don't justify after centered tabsLászló Németh3-1/+68
2020-07-26tdf#91250 Chart DOCX Import: Fix decimal place formatting issueBalazs Varga3-0/+25
2020-07-26tdf#133065 tdf#133602 DOCX export: fix OLE wrap regressionAttila Bakos4-0/+53
2020-07-26tdf#133632 Chart DOCX Import: fix percentage number formatBalazs Varga3-1/+23
2020-07-23tdf#130802 SwTextBoxHelper::syncFlyFrameAttr: fix draggingAttila Bakos1-0/+15
2020-07-23tdf#133457 DOCX import: fix frame position regressionTibor Nagy3-3/+23
2020-07-23tdf#130805 SwTextBoxHelper::create: fix frame position in shapeAttila Bakos3-2/+39
2020-07-22tdf#133524 AutoCorrect: support double angle quotesLászló Németh4-1/+137
2020-07-21AutoCorrect: clean-up InsertQuoteLászló Németh2-32/+33
2020-07-17Add our own distro config files for 32 and 64 bitsGabor Kelemen2-0/+67
2020-07-16tdf#115382 AutoCorrect: fix Hungarian apostrophe usageLászló Németh2-29/+2
2020-07-16tdf#132594 Chart XLSX import: fix legend entries in pie chartsTünde Tóth3-1/+12
2020-07-16tdf#133190 tdf#133191 Chart OOXML export: fix text wrap and rotationBalazs Varga1-9/+19