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Updated files to represent current code / use Markdown format
Previously, all of the README files have been renamed to and now, the contents of these files were changed to use Markdown format. Other than format inconsistency, some files lacked information about modules, or were out of date. By using LibreOffice / OpenOffice wiki and other documentation websites, these files were updated. Now every file has a title, and some description. The top-level file is changed to add links to the modules. The result of processing the Markdown format files can be seen at: Change-Id: Ic3b0c3c064a2498d6a435253b041df010cd7797a Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <> Reviewed-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <>
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-Test harness code for C++ unit testing
+# Test Harness Code for C++ Unit Testing
Many of these tests are run during the build process. In that case on
-unix, if a test fails follow the error messages to debug it under gdb.
+unix, if a test fails follow the error messages to debug it under `gdb`.