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Change en_GB calendar StartDayOfWeek to Monday and MinimalDaysInFirstWeek to 4HEADmaster
Inherit day, month and era names from en_US but with proper values. See - Week definition (week) - First day of week (first_weekday) or % LC_TIME=en_US locale -k LC_TIME week-ndays=7 week-1stday=19971130 week-1stweek=1 first_weekday=1 first_workday=2 % LC_TIME=en_GB locale -k LC_TIME week-ndays=7 week-1stday=19971130 week-1stweek=4 first_weekday=2 first_workday=2 This makes it necessary to adapt basic/qa/vba_tests/weekdayname.vb because basic/qa/cppunit/test_vba.cxx sets LANGUAGE_ENGLISH_UK Change-Id: I752bf0e59396f0cbd601beb596c07e77e4e4cfaf Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Eike Rathke <>
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