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tdf#145245 correct relative position of extrusionHEADmaster
ODF specifies for draw:extrusion-depth, 'The draw:extrusion-depth attribute specifies the depth of an extrusion. It takes two white space separated values. The first value specifies the depth of the extrusion in units, the second value specifies the fraction of the extrusion that lies before a shape. The second value shall be in the range [0,1].' The default for the second value is 0. Because LibreOffice has no UI to change the value, the error becomes only visible, if you create own custom shapes. On import the ODF values are put in CustomShapeGeometry>Extrusion> Depth. Method GetExtrusionDepth() calculates from that the length values rBackwardDepth and rForwardDepth so that its sum is the depth. CreateCustomShapeProperties() in escherex.cxx#2699 and ApplyCustomShapeGeometryAttributes() in msdffimp.cxx#1684 use them in the same sence. But methods Create3DObject() and CalculateNewSnapRect() in EnhancedCustomShape3d.cxx have used these values as if they were coordinates. I have keept the calculation in GetExtrusionDepth(), because it reflects the meaning in ODF. I have corrected the signs in Create3DObject() and CalculateNewSnapRect(). Change-Id: If275bb263b6f3d790f5893a69f38f8433acfbe7f Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Regina Henschel <>
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