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Some cleanup and consolidation of the Impress layout work.
Also make unit test work again after Mac-app like path changes. Change-Id: I13eae20141650e1d1d826a794d1f19baaef5f561
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
-<!-- At present I am not sure about corect XML namespace,so once I am aware of it.I am ready to add it.
+<!-- Configurable definitions of Impress slide layouts.
+ Currently the layout type name needs to match a set of predefined strings.
+ Per entry, you can declare up to one Title object, and up to four
+ Outline objects. All values are relative to Impress' 'layout
+ rect', which is roughly 90% of the available slide area.
@@ -78,4 +83,4 @@
<presobj kind="PRESOBJ_OUTLINE1" relative-height="1" relative-width="0.488" relative-posX="0" relative-posY="0"/>
<presobj kind="PRESOBJ_OUTLINE2" relative-height="1" relative-width="0.488" relative-posX="1.05" relative-posY="0"/>
-</layout-list> \ No newline at end of file