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tdf#123877 sc XLSX: don't freeze during saving recoveryHEADmaster
file by asking password re-typing unstoppably. Instead of this, skip recovery file saving, if the document contains password hashes which haven't been supported by the "calc8" filter of the recovery file (which triggered the "Re-type password" dialog). Solved problems: – Asking for passwords during a non-interactive background process. – A single Cancel didn't close the "Re-type password" dialog window, only pressing three times at least (according to the value of RETRY_STORE_ON_MIGHT_FULL_DISC_USEFULL), but waiting for the password for a while could result a frozen "Re-type password" dialog, where only retyping or removing the password(s) were the escape routes. – Re-typing the password required the password (but modifying the original document doesn't require this). – Removing the password resulted in loss of the protection after saving the original XLSX document. Add a UI test to keep the "Re-type password" dialog during Save As. Note: because of the regression reported in tdf#145757, it needs to wait 10 min for saving the recovery file, yet, despite the changed time in Tools->Options->Load/Save->General. Change-Id: Icc6ee4d67048cdf15ab75ef8e2ee8f1709cdd4c2 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: László Németh <> Reviewed-by: László Németh <>
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