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LOK: fast tile rendering (graphics and buttons)private/Ashod/fast-calc-rendering
Since embedded graphics and buttons use absolute coordinates, we set the origin to be the top-left corner of the tile. This includes the origin + ScrPos (see previous patch). Then, the coordinates of the graphic is shifted by this amount to make sure it renders in its relative position to the tile. This renders embedded graphics and buttons at their correct position, with some limitations. Tiles large enough to cover a graphic object show the graphic object where it should be. However, rendering a relatively small tile doesn't render the graphic. This seems to be an issue with moving the graphic's coordinate at a later stage than the 2D Processor decides what objects intersect with the 'view area' that is rendered. Another issue is that graphs don't render. What they seem to suffer is incorrect scale and a fix coordinates (they show up as tiny thumbnails at the top-left corner and grow in proportion to the real graph when resized). These shall be addressed in a separate patch. Change-Id: I4b71bf5f2e357d1114d46022bc00905ceed0c2f9
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