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tdf#108350 writerfilter: restore TimesNewRoman as default font
Followup for LO 5.4 commit 6f2ad89b33d972f9642bb53eeb91f41df3b6b0e6 which set Calibri/11pt as default. That is true if there is no style.xml file, or more specifically if there is no DocDefaults rPrDefault node. But if that node exists, then the age-old defaults are still valid. Earlier in LO 4.3, the default templates changed to use Liberation fonts by default. But in the same vein as using Calibri (and depending on LO to fallback to Carlito), set Word's default Times New Roman font and depend on LO to fallback to Liberation. That will make it better for MSWord users who share the document and who have less likelihood of knowing about Liberation/Carlito. Note that 10pt fontsize was already added to m_pDefaultCharProps earlier, so that part was already reset long ago. Change-Id: I3ba8a529fe95b05fbe2889cf1ebdbabb25963e8b Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Justin Luth <>
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