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No need to keep these whitelisted functions decorated with SAL_CALL
The only effect SAL_CALL effectively has on LO-internal code is to change non- static member functions from __thiscall to __cdecl in MSVC (where all other functions are __cdecl by default, anyway). (For 3rd-party code, it could be argued that SAL_CALL is useful on function declarations in the URE stable interface other than non-static member functions, too, in case 3rd-party code uses a compiler switch to change the default calling convention to something other than __cdecl. But loplugin:salcall exempts the URE stable interface, anyway.) One could argue that SAL_CALL, even if today it effectively only affects non- static member functions in MSVC, could be extended in the future to affect more functions on more platforms. However, the current code would already not support that. For example, 3af500580b1c82eabd60335c9ebc458a3f68850c "loplugin:salcall fix functions" changed FrameControl_createInstance in UnoControls/source/base/registercontrols.cxx to no longer be SAL_CALL, even though its address (in ctl_component_getFacrory, in the same file) is passed to cppuhelper::createSingleFactory as an argument of type cppu::ComponentInstantiation, which is a pointer to SAL_CALL function. Change-Id: I3acbf7314a3d7868ed70e35bb5c47bc11a0b7ff6 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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diff --git a/dbaccess/source/ui/relationdesign/RelationController.cxx b/dbaccess/source/ui/relationdesign/RelationController.cxx
index 233ee361c776..3bb0804ae42b 100644
--- a/dbaccess/source/ui/relationdesign/RelationController.cxx
+++ b/dbaccess/source/ui/relationdesign/RelationController.cxx
@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ Sequence< OUString> SAL_CALL ORelationController::getSupportedServiceNames()
return getSupportedServiceNames_Static();
-Reference< XInterface > SAL_CALL ORelationController::Create(const Reference<XMultiServiceFactory >& _rxFactory)
+Reference< XInterface > ORelationController::Create(const Reference<XMultiServiceFactory >& _rxFactory)
return *(new ORelationController(comphelper::getComponentContext(_rxFactory)));