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CWS-TOOLING: integrate CWS koheicoderemoval02
2009-07-24 Kohei Yoshida Resurrected one method that was now used after the rebase. Now the entire sc module builds. 2009-07-24 Kohei Yoshida Rebased to DEV300_m53. 2009-07-23 Kohei Yoshida resolved conflict during merge to DEV300_m52. 2009-05-09 Kohei Yoshida #i95953# partially applied Caolan's patch. 2009-05-09 Kohei Yoshida #i101326# Removed old pivot implementation code that was already disabled. 2009-05-09 Kohei Yoshida More unused methods commented out. 2009-05-09 Kohei Yoshida More unused methods commented out. 2009-05-08 Kohei Yoshida Removed more unused methods, mostly related to binfilter methods. 2009-05-08 Kohei Yoshida #i95953# the first round of unused method removal, based solely on Caolan's list. All removed methods were double-checked manually to make sure they are really unused, followed by a build test with debug on.
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