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@@ -185,13 +185,13 @@ in /tmp as advised above), otherwise you'll get BerkeleyDB errors on startup.
And if you are brave enough, you can even debug it. First you have to add the
URE dll's to the wine's PATH using 'wine regedit' - see, and add
-Z:\tmp\LibO-Dev_3.6.0alpha0_Win_x86_install-arc_en-US\LOdev 3.6\URE\bin
+Z:\tmp\LibO-Dev_4.1.0.0.alpha0_Win_x86_archive/LOdev\ 4.1\URE\bin
to "Path" in My Computer->HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Environment.
Then run linkoo, so that when you rebuild something, you can directly see the
changes the next time you run it:
-solenv/bin/linkoo '/tmp/LibO-Dev_3.6.0alpha0_Win_x86_install-arc_en-US/LOdev 3.6' <your_clone_dir>
+solenv/bin/linkoo '/tmp/LibO-Dev_4.1.0.0.alpha0_Win_x86_archive/LOdev\ 4.1' <your_clone_dir>
And start debugging: