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document how to update the damn bibliography database
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+When updating biblio.odb be aware that biblio.odb *does not* embed the data of
+the database inside the .odb, instead it is configured to store its data in the
+per-user database/biblio/biblio.dbf and database/biblio/biblio.dbt files. i.e.
+the contents of the ~/.libreoffice/3/user/database/biblio dir.
+If you edit biblio.odb in "base" you will really just be changing your local data
+So, to really change the bibliography the easiest thing to do is to launch writer and
+use tools->bibliography database and edit your local one through that UI [1]
+Then *copy* ~/.libreoffice/3/user/database/biblio/biblio.db* to
+extras/source/database/ in order to overwrite biblio.dbf and biblio.dbt and
+copy ~/.libreoffice/3/user/database/biblio.odb to
+[1] a) oddly base doesn't show the same fields that the bibliography widget does,
+ possibly a bug worth fixing ?
+ b) oddly base doesn't seem to "PACK" the dbase III files after editing, so
+ deleted records still take up space in the file, possibly a bug worth
+ fixing ?