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authorChristian Lohmaier <>2015-03-31 16:58:50 +0200
committerChristian Lohmaier <>2015-03-31 16:58:50 +0200
commitb89681bef2e492bccb9502079e042ff495b40c39 (patch)
parentdae63f3dd8216aea7f6b594433b180d633d5551d (diff)
tdf#90298 rescan for bundled extensions when installing Mac langpack
LO only scans for new extensions when the folder's timestamp is newer than a timestamp file in the user's profile. When installing a languagepack, the folder is set to the build-time of the package. touch the dir to set it to install time and thus allow LO to pick up newly installed dictionaries and thesaurus/hyphenation data. Change-Id: I888f830d2325774cd98e3624c19d2be19d4d6db2
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/setup_native/scripts/osx_install_languagepack.applescript b/setup_native/scripts/osx_install_languagepack.applescript
index 735f141b4087..cbd7743b242f 100644
--- a/setup_native/scripts/osx_install_languagepack.applescript
+++ b/setup_native/scripts/osx_install_languagepack.applescript
@@ -140,7 +140,8 @@ if (button returned of result) is AbortLabel then
end if
-set tarCommand to "/usr/bin/tar -C " & quoted form of (choice as string) & " -xjf " & quoted form of sourcedir & "/tarball.tar.bz2"
+-- touch extensions folder to have LO register bundled dictionaries
+set tarCommand to "/usr/bin/tar -C " & quoted form of (choice as string) & " -xjf " & quoted form of sourcedir & "/tarball.tar.bz2 && touch " & quoted form of (choice as string) & "/Contents/Resources/extensions"
do shell script tarCommand