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authorEike Rathke <>2016-05-04 19:49:18 +0200
committerEike Rathke <>2016-05-04 20:09:23 +0200
commit7a8331eb7f4e782cd9febc9923b99d4c02cd2945 (patch)
parentdb0d96472519042e3527805b8fa5c90038934bf5 (diff)
fix export crash test due to assert hit, tdf#61996 follow-up
Fallout of 88a79589843efc24f8af99bd511a1fff0f7bebef Cause was a crappy number format that now is parsed differently and results in UNDEFINED type, hence XMLTokenEnum was XML_TOKEN_INVALID which later made assert(XML_TOKEN_INVALID < eToken) in xmloff/source/core/xmltoken.cxx GetXMLToken() bail out. Handle that during export and map to number-style. An example of fdo82933-1.ods that triggered this is [>0]" $"\"#"٬##0٫"00"٬"\";[<0]" $("\"#"٬##0٫"00);" $-"\"#"٬"\";@ Already import massively complained about xmloff/source/style/xmlnumfi.cxx:1710: invalid number format but not only for this format, the document contains a pile of crappy stuff. Possibly number format code scanning could be improved to type that NUMBER instead, which it could be as only the #...00 and #...00) are actually digit related, everything else are string constants. However, that likely was not the intention of the document author.. Change-Id: I7c2b202b0b87e1a7fa7a9f56862a6bb7618ad9ff
1 files changed, 8 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/xmloff/source/style/xmlnumfe.cxx b/xmloff/source/style/xmlnumfe.cxx
index e449133d5c75..9494439bd69b 100644
--- a/xmloff/source/style/xmlnumfe.cxx
+++ b/xmloff/source/style/xmlnumfe.cxx
@@ -1008,7 +1008,14 @@ void SvXMLNumFmtExport::ExportPart_Impl( const SvNumberformat& rFormat, sal_uInt
switch ( nFmtType )
- // type is 0 if a format contains no recognized elements
+ // Type UNDEFINED likely is a crappy format string for that we could
+ // not decide on any format type (and maybe could try harder?), but the
+ // resulting XMLTokenEnum should be something valid, so make that
+ // number-style.
+ case css::util::NumberFormat::UNDEFINED:
+ SAL_WARN("","UNDEFINED number format: '" << rFormat.GetFormatstring() << "'");
+ // fallthru
+ // Type is 0 if a format contains no recognized elements
// (like text only) - this is handled as a number-style.
case 0:
case css::util::NumberFormat::EMPTY: