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authorStephan Bergmann <>2016-10-28 11:17:10 +0200
committerStephan Bergmann <>2016-10-28 11:17:10 +0200
commit36f637f7f21906fa3f37223e69b044db52036fb1 (patch)
parentddb4600cd0672a1df8a8ca916c89fd1d2be407af (diff)
tdf#103507 quickfix: Automatic selection of Oracle Java runtime on Windows
...which had been broken since 5e9a2e9b0f33ab50aa3a84728db75383aede19d9 "Check each potential JRE location only once", as jfw_findAndSelectJRE calls jfw_plugin_getAllJavaInfos on each vendor in turn, but that now only operates on any items newly added by addAllJREInfos, so the first call to jfw_plugin_getAllJavaInfos (with sVendor being "Sun Microsystems Inc." unsuccesfully operated on all items, and the next call (with sVendor being "Oracle Corporation") didn't see any further items to operate on. So the quickfix (at least for any Java runtimes by Oracle) is to reorder the vendors in javavendors_wnt.xml. The proper fix will be to reorder the code so it obtains the list of all Java runtimes only once, and then matches that list against the known vendors. (Other plaforms appear not to be affected by this issue. Some jvmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_*.xml already sort Oracle first, anyway. And e.g. on Linux, jfw_findAndSelectJRE typically already succeeds with calling jfw_plugin_getJavaInfosFromPath and so doesn't reach the problematic code. Change-Id: Ied571ae1d4745d53ce0c8697d0f1b268e1aac407
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/jvmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_wnt.xml b/jvmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_wnt.xml
index b1ad4e49f3e7..330461094180 100644
--- a/jvmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_wnt.xml
+++ b/jvmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_wnt.xml
@@ -23,12 +23,12 @@
- <vendor name="Sun Microsystems Inc.">
- <minVersion>1.5.0</minVersion>
- </vendor>
<vendor name="Oracle Corporation">
+ <vendor name="Sun Microsystems Inc.">
+ <minVersion>1.5.0</minVersion>
+ </vendor>
<vendor name="IBM Corporation">