BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
distro/collabora/cp-6.0-29DOCX export: fix interaction between the crop and the wrap polygon of imageMiklos Vajna8 days
distro/collabora/cp-6.2tdf#132169 we always get the value in MapUnit::Map100thMMCaolán McNamara6 hours
distro/collabora/cp-6.4vcl: don't use null window in FloatingWindow HitTestAshod Nakashian111 min.
distro/lhm/libreoffice-6-4+backportsMerge branch 'libreoffice-6-4'Michael Weghorn8 days
distro/vector/vector-5.4sw XHTML export: properly write <li>...</li> around multiple paragraphsMiklos Vajna5 days
feature/calc-coordinateslokit: scPrintTwipsMsgs: LOK_CALLBACK_COMMENTDennis Francis5 hours
feature/drawinglayercoreGraphicAttributes: put const. and op. '=' into the header fileTomaž Vajngerl7 hours
feature/jsdialogsjsdialog: mobile version of spell dialogSzymon Kłos4 days
libreoffice-6-4Revert "tdf#104017 DOC export: be less aggressive with merging page styles"Justin Luth14 hours
masterFix loplugin:simplifypointertobool for libstdc++ std::shared_ptrStephan Bergmann52 min.
co-6.2-13commit a8976709a4...Andras Timar7 days
cib-6.1-14commit 50fcee5f55...Thorsten Behrens8 days
co-6.0-37commit a8a469886c...Andras Timar9 days
CODE-4.2.3-2commit 8dce0b1a70...Andras Timar13 days
cp-6.2-12commit 8dce0b1a70...Andras Timar13 days
co-6.2-12commit 8dce0b1a70...Andras Timar13 days
libreoffice- 3d775be201...Christian Lohmaier13 days
CODE-4.2.3-1commit ba552ebf17...Andras Timar3 weeks
cp-6.2-11commit ba552ebf17...Andras Timar3 weeks
libreoffice- 6a03b2a541...Christian Lohmaier3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-11-24Windows build fix of 'All image cleanup related change'feature/perfwork5László Németh1-1/+1
2014-11-22fdo#86573: Impress does not show pictures anymoreZolnai Tamás2-4/+11
2014-11-22Skip time based auto swap out for perf testZolnai Tamás1-2/+2
2014-11-22Skip size based auto swap out for perf testZolnai Tamás1-0/+1
2014-11-22All image cleanup related change in one commit for perf testZolnai Tamás44-672/+142
2014-11-21Use group area listeners when deleting rows.Kohei Yoshida12-28/+124
2014-11-21Handle group area listeners correctly when deleting cells.Kohei Yoshida3-17/+45
2014-11-20Adjust InsertRow() for group area listeners.Kohei Yoshida7-4/+156
2014-11-20No need to start listening in CalcAfterLoad for xls import.Kohei Yoshida9-16/+21
2014-11-19Use group area listener when entering a new single formula cell.Kohei Yoshida3-10/+22