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authorDominique Leuenberger <>2016-11-24 21:17:54 +0100
committerVíctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>2016-11-25 10:36:11 +0100
commitc0d2742967372b1e2f926574570380ff5f669ff2 (patch)
parent86308e909aa36a3def3fbe728adae46316fd4146 (diff)
build: add LIBVA_WAYLAND_CFLAGS to libgstvaapiegl1.8
In case libva-wayland has its headers not installed in default locations (like /usr/include), the build fails to include "wayland-client.h": CC libgstvaapi_egl_la-gstvaapiutils_egl.lo In file included from gstvaapidisplay_wayland.h:27:0, from gstvaapidisplay_egl.c:35: /usr/include/va/va_wayland.h:31:28: fatal error: wayland-client.h: No such file or directory #include <wayland-client.h> As we already passed VA_CLAGS, /usr/include/va/va_wayland.h could be found, but it is our fault not to instruct the system that we ALSO care for va_wayland. We correctly query for libva-wayland.pc in configure and use this in other places as well. It is thus only correct and consequent, to do it also at this spot.
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diff --git a/gst-libs/gst/vaapi/ b/gst-libs/gst/vaapi/
index eba5445b..d4e22fd3 100644
--- a/gst-libs/gst/vaapi/
+++ b/gst-libs/gst/vaapi/
@@ -453,6 +453,7 @@ libgstvaapi_egl_la_CFLAGS = \