BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
103-regression-intel-mesa-buildtests-broken-by-libdrm-updatexf86drm: ignore symlinks in process_device()Tobias Jakobi4 months
amdgpuamdgpu: reuse the kernel IB flags v2Jammy Zhou9 years
dri2-swapbuffersEncapsulate the drm event structure we read from the fdKristian Høgsberg15 years
kms-pageflipEncapsulate the drm event structure we read from the fdKristian Høgsberg15 years
maintests/amdgpu: fix compile error with gcc14Flora Cui15 hours
masterlibdrm: NOTE! Default branch is now mainJordan Justen3 years
modesetting-dirtyRemove drm_mode_clip, its not needed.Jakob Bornecrantz15 years
modesetting-newttmttm: Fix up printouts.Thomas Hellstrom15 years
pagefliplibdrm: add support for page flip completion eventsJesse Barnes15 years
vblank-eventMerge commit 'origin/kms-pageflip' into vblank-eventJesse Barnes15 years
libdrm-2.4.120commit 75254bf239...Simon Ser4 months
libdrm-2.4.119commit fc5f2239f3...Marek Olšák5 months
libdrm-2.4.118commit 02a41cf302...Simon Ser6 months
libdrm-2.4.117commit 5254fd1146...Simon Ser7 months
libdrm-2.4.116commit 7bdb135f0c...Simon Ser9 months
libdrm-2.4.115commit ee558cea20...Simon Ser16 months
libdrm-2.4.114commit b9ca37b313...Simon Ser19 months
libdrm-2.4.113commit fb5c0c301a...Simon Ser21 months
libdrm-2.4.112commit 60cf6bcef1...Simon Ser23 months
libdrm-2.4.111commit f801b07a60...Dave Airlie24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
15 hourstests/amdgpu: fix compile error with gcc14HEADmainFlora Cui1-1/+1
15 hourstests/amdgpu: fix compile error with gcc7.5Flora Cui4-34/+35
15 hourstests/amdgpu: fix compile warning with the guard enum valueFlora Cui1-0/+28
4 daysamdgpu: Make amdgpu_cs_signal_semaphore() thread-safeJosé Expósito1-4/+11
2024-04-11xf86drm: document drmDevicesEqual()Simon Ser1-0/+5
2024-04-10include poll.h instead of sys/poll.hDavid Heidelberg2-2/+2
2024-03-29ci: use "meson setup" sub-commandSimon Ser1-2/+2
2024-03-29ci: build with meson --fatal-meson-warningsSimon Ser1-2/+2
2024-03-29meson: Fix broken str.format usageJoaquim Monteiro1-1/+1
2024-03-29meson: Replace usages of deprecated ExternalProgram.path()Joaquim Monteiro4-4/+4