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5 daysdrm/ttm: drop extra ttm_bo_put in ttm_bo_cleanup_refsdrm-fixes-2023-03-17Christian König1-2/+0
5 daysMerge tag 'amd-drm-fixes-6.3-2023-03-15' of Airlie23-69/+281
6 daysMerge tag 'drm-intel-fixes-2023-03-15' of git:// Airlie7-38/+161
7 daysdrm/amdgpu: Don't resume IOMMU after incomplete initFelix Kuehling1-1/+10
7 daysdrm/amdkfd: Fixed kfd_process cleanup on module exit.David Belanger3-7/+62
7 daysdrm/amd/display: disconnect MPCC only on OTG changeAyush Gupta1-1/+5
7 daysdrm/amd/display: Fix DP MST sinks removal issueCruise Hung1-0/+8
7 daysdrm/amd/display: Do not set DRR on pipe CommitWesley Chalmers1-3/+0
7 daysdrm/amd/display: Remove OTG DIV register write for Virtual signals.Saaem Rizvi1-1/+1
7 daysdrm/meson: dw-hdmi: Fix devm_regulator_*get_enable*() conversion againMarek Szyprowski1-1/+1
8 daysdrm/amdgpu/vcn: Disable indirect SRAM on Vangogh broken BIOSesGuilherme G. Piccoli1-0/+19
8 daysdrm/amdgpu/nv: fix codec array for SR_IOVAlex Deucher1-2/+2
8 daysdrm/amd/display: Write to correct dirty_rectBenjamin Cheng1-3/+3
8 daysdrm/amdgpu: move poll enabled/disable into non DC pathGuchun Chen2-4/+4
8 daysdrm/amd/display: Fix HDCP failing to enable after suspendBhawanpreet Lakha1-1/+1
8 daysdrm/amdkfd: fix potential kgd_mem UAFsChia-I Wu1-6/+10
8 daysdrm/amdgpu/vcn: custom video info caps for sriovJane Jian3-11/+99
8 daysdrm/amd/pm: Fix sienna cichlid incorrect OD volage after resumeBłażej Szczygieł1-10/+33
8 daysdrm/amd/pm: bump SMU 13.0.4 driver_if header versionTim Huang2-3/+3
8 daysdrm/amdkfd: fix a potential double free in pqm_create_queueChia-I Wu1-2/+2
8 daysdrm/amdkfd: Get prange->offset after svm_range_vram_node_newXiaogang Chen1-7/+9
8 daysdrm/amdkfd: Fix BO offset for multi-VMA page migrationXiaogang Chen1-7/+10
9 daysdrm/i915/active: Fix misuse of non-idle barriers as fence trackersJanusz Krzysztofik1-11/+14
9 daysdrm/i915/sseu: fix max_subslices array-index-out-of-bounds accessAndrea Righi1-1/+1
9 daysdrm/i915/dg2: Add HDMI pixel clock frequencies 267.30 and 319.89 MHzAnkit Nautiyal1-0/+62
9 daysdrm/i915/psr: Use calculated io and fast wake linesJouni Högander2-17/+63
9 daysdrm/i915: Fix audio ELD handling for DP MSTVille Syrjälä1-9/+16
9 daysdrm/i915/hwmon: Enable PL1 power limitAshutosh Dixit1-0/+5
9 daysMerge drm/drm-fixes into drm-misc-fixesThomas Zimmermann1197-45717/+45230
12 daysMerge tag 'amd-drm-fixes-6.3-2023-03-09' of Airlie15-42/+136
13 daysdrm/amdgpu/soc21: Add video cap query support for VCN_4_0_4Veerabadhran Gopalakrishnan1-0/+1
13 daysdrm/amdgpu: fix error checking in amdgpu_read_mm_registers for nvAlex Deucher1-3/+4
13 daysdrm/amdgpu: fix error checking in amdgpu_read_mm_registers for soc21Alex Deucher1-3/+4
13 daysdrm/amdgpu: fix error checking in amdgpu_read_mm_registers for soc15Alex Deucher1-2/+3
13 daysdrm/amdgpu: Fix the warning info when removing amdgpu devicelyndonli1-16/+1
13 daysdrm/amdgpu: fix return value check in kfdShashank Sharma1-1/+1
13 daysdrm/amd: Fix initialization mistake for NBIO 7.3.0Mario Limonciello1-5/+9
13 daysdrm/amdgpu: Fix call trace warning and hang when removing amdgpu devicelyndonli1-1/+1
13 daysMerge tag 'drm-msm-fixes-2023-03-09' of Airlie11-96/+101
14 daysdrm/msm: DEVFREQ_GOV_SIMPLE_ONDEMAND is no longer neededRandy Dunlap1-1/+0
2023-03-07drm/amd/display: Update clock table to include highest clock settingSwapnil Patel1-1/+18
2023-03-07drm/amd/pm: Enable ecc_info table support for smu v13_0_10Candice Li1-0/+75
2023-03-07drm/amdgpu: Support umc node harvest config on umc v8_10Candice Li4-6/+16
2023-03-07drm/connector: print max_requested_bpc in state debugfsHarry Wentland1-0/+1
2023-03-07drm/display: Don't block HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA on unknown EOTFHarry Wentland1-4/+2
2023-03-07drm/ttm: Fix a NULL pointer dereferenceThomas Hellström1-1/+1
2023-03-07drm/sun4i: fix missing component unbind on bind errorsJohan Hovold1-2/+4
2023-03-07Merge tag 'drm-misc-fixes-2023-02-23' of git:// Airlie10-53/+40
2023-03-06drm/meson: fix 1px pink line on GXM when scaling video overlayChristian Hewitt1-0/+2
2023-03-03drm/msm/dpu: clear DSPP reservations in rm releaseKalyan Thota1-0/+2