AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
27 hoursdrm/bridge: tc358767: Add format negotiation hooks for DPI/DSI to (e)DPHEADfor-linux-nextdrm-misc-nextAradhya Bhatia1-0/+25
2 daysdt-bindings: display: bridge: tc358767: Keep enum sortedMarek Vasut1-1/+1
3 daysdt-bindings: display: synopsys, dw-hdmi: Mark ddc-i2c-bus as deprecatedMarek Vasut1-0/+5
3 daysdt-bindings: display: synopsys, dw-hdmi: Document ddc-i2c-bus in coreMarek Vasut3-16/+8
3 daysdrm/panel: truly-nt35521: transition to mipi_dsi wrapped functionsTejas Vipin1-226/+207
3 daysdrm/ttm: increase ttm pre-fault value to PMD sizeZhu Lingshan1-0/+4
3 daysdrm/tests: add drm_hdmi_state_helper_test MODULE_DESCRIPTION()Jeff Johnson1-0/+1
3 daysdrm/vc4: vec: Add the margin properties to the connectorDave Stevenson1-0/+2
3 daysdrm/vc4: Add monochrome mode to the VEC.Dave Stevenson1-1/+28
3 daysdrm/ttm/tests: Let ttm_bo_test consider different ww_mutex implementation.Sebastian Andrzej Siewior1-1/+7
4 daysdma-buf/heaps: Correct the types of fd_flags and heap_flagsdrm-misc-next-2024-06-20Barry Song3-6/+6
4 daysdrm/panfrost: Add support for Mali on the MT8188 SoCAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-0/+10
4 daysdt-bindings: gpu: mali-bifrost: Add compatible for MT8188 SoCAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-1/+4
4 daysdrm: bridge: simple-bridge: use devm_drm_bridge_add in probeMarc Gonzalez1-12/+1
5 daysdrm/panic: depends on !VT_CONSOLEJocelyn Falempe1-1/+1
5 daysdrm: Add DRM_MODE_TV_MODE_MONOCHROMENick Hollinghurst4-3/+21
5 daysdrm/tidss: Add drm_panic supportJavier Martinez Canillas1-1/+13
6 daysdrm/nouveau: Constify struct nouveau_job_opsChristophe JAILLET3-4/+4
6 daysnouveau: rip out busy fence waitsDave Airlie6-34/+6
6 daysdrm/ci: add tests on vkmsVignesh Raman10-6/+275
6 daysdrm: zynqmp_dp: Don't delay workSean Anderson1-7/+6
6 daysdrm: zynqmp_dp: Rearrange zynqmp_dp for better paddingSean Anderson1-13/+13
6 daysdrm: zynqmp_kms: Fix AUX bus not getting unregisteredSean Anderson1-3/+9
6 daysdrm: xlnx: zynqmp_dpsub: Enable plane in atomic updateAnatoliy Klymenko1-3/+7
6 daysdrm: zynqmp_dpsub: Fix an error handling path in zynqmp_dpsub_probe()Christophe JAILLET1-0/+1
9 daysdrm/ci: mark kms_addfb_basic@addfb25-bad-modifier as passing on msmDmitry Baryshkov2-2/+0
9 daysdt-bindings: display: panel-edp-legacy: drop several eDP panelsDmitry Baryshkov1-10/+0
9 daysdrm/panel-edp: drop several legacy panelsDmitry Baryshkov1-166/+7
9 daysdrm/panel-edp: add fat warning against adding new panel compatiblesDmitry Baryshkov1-1/+18
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Remove unused ivpu_rpm_get_if_active()Jacek Lawrynowicz2-11/+0
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Remove duplicated debug messagesJacek Lawrynowicz1-14/+6
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Increase autosuspend delay to 100ms on 40xxAndrzej Kacprowski1-1/+4
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Synchronize device unbind with recovery workWachowski, Karol1-2/+2
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Disable MMU before checking for idleJacek Lawrynowicz1-0/+2
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Add test mode flag for disabling timeoutsMaciej Falkowski2-5/+8
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Make parts of FW image read-onlyWachowski, Karol4-1/+120
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Update FW BOOT API headersWachowski, Karol1-2/+14
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Make selected params read-onlyJacek Lawrynowicz1-2/+2
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Implement DCT handlingJacek Lawrynowicz10-20/+186
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Disable clock relinquish for MMIO resetWachowski, Karol1-0/+2
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Disable disable_clock_relinquish WA for LNL B0+Wachowski, Karol2-1/+4
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Remove suspend_reschedule_counterJacek Lawrynowicz2-22/+12
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Abort jobs of faulty contextMaciej Falkowski9-11/+75
9 daysaccel/ivpu: Add wp0_during_power_up WAWachowski, Karol2-0/+12
10 daysdrm/bridge: sii902x: Add pixel clock check in atomic_checkJayesh Choudhary1-0/+4
10 daysdrm/bridge: sii902x: Support atomic bridge APIsJayesh Choudhary1-4/+6
10 daysdrm/bridge: sii902x: Fix mode_valid hookJayesh Choudhary1-9/+23
10 daysdrm/connector: hdmi: Fix kerneldoc warningsMaxime Ripard1-98/+108
10 daysdrm/mgag200: Set .detect_ctx() and enable connector pollingThomas Zimmermann9-1/+13
10 daysdrm/mgag200: Add BMC outputThomas Zimmermann9-0/+145