AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
39 hoursMerge branch 'master' into 'master'HEADmasterUli Schlachter1-0/+1
2 daysUpdate util/cairo-script/cairo-script-interpreter.pc.inPierre Labastie1-0/+1
7 daysMerge branch 'mingw-ci' into 'master'Adrian Johnson1-0/+36
7 daysMerge branch 'warnings' into 'master'Adrian Johnson4-2/+9
7 daysMerge branch 'ft-default-lcd-filter' into 'master'Emmanuele Bassi1-3/+3
7 daysSet default LCD filter to FreeType's defaultNikolaus Waxweiler1-3/+3
8 daysMerge branch 'dwrite-svg-fix' into 'master'Uli Schlachter1-1/+2
8 daysdwrite: Fix incorrect rendering of some SVG fontsAdrian Johnson1-1/+2
9 daysAdd mingw-32 and mingw-64 CI buildsAdrian Johnson1-0/+36
10 daysAdd -Werror for meson CI buildAdrian Johnson1-0/+1
10 daysFix GL warningsAdrian Johnson3-2/+8
2022-04-27Merge branch 'quartz-core-text' into 'master'Adrian Johnson16-512/+359
2022-04-26[quartz] Add wiggle test for quartz emoji.John Ralls6-1/+58
2022-04-26Merge branch 'issue-514' into 'master'Adrian Johnson1-12/+26
2022-04-25[quartz] Adjust x_extents metric.John Ralls4-1/+6
2022-04-25[quartz] Implement color font support.John Ralls1-10/+51
2022-04-25Merge branch 'issue562' into 'master'Uli Schlachter1-0/+1
2022-04-25Merge branch 'fix-color-glyph' into 'master'Adrian Johnson21-205/+327
2022-04-25Fix the scaled_glyph_init color glyph logicAdrian Johnson21-205/+327
2022-04-25Merge branch 'fix-color-glyph-clear-surface' into 'master'Adrian Johnson1-4/+4
2022-04-24[quartz] Convert font handling from CGFont to CTFont.John Ralls5-202/+184
2022-04-24Reimplement cairo-quartz-font with Core Text.John Ralls2-38/+62
2022-04-24[quartz] Require at least Mac OS X 10.7 LionJohn Ralls4-327/+66
2022-04-24[quartz] Fix some compiler warnings.John Ralls1-3/+2
2022-04-24Merge branch 'color-font-vector-surface' into 'master'Adrian Johnson7-6/+34
2022-04-23[quartz] Destroy local copy of snapshot after attaching it.John Ralls1-0/+1
2022-04-23Merge branch 'issue558' into 'master'Uli Schlachter1-5/+7
2022-04-22Merge branch 'fix-uaf-stream_internal' into 'master'Uli Schlachter1-1/+0
2022-04-22Merge branch 'fix-double-free-mono-scan' into 'master'Uli Schlachter2-2/+1
2022-04-22Fix a use after free in _cairo_svg_surface_create_for_stream_internalFeysh INC1-1/+0
2022-04-22Merge branch 'font-status' into 'master'Adrian Johnson1-1/+5
2022-04-22Fix a use after free in cairo_scaled_font_createFeysh INC1-1/+1
2022-04-22Fix a double free in _cairo_mono_scan_converter_createFeysh INC1-1/+0
2022-04-20fixed double free in _cairo_ps_surface_emit_base85_stringAyman El Didi1-5/+7
2022-04-19Merge branch 'dwrite-fixes' into 'master'Uli Schlachter8-230/+495
2022-04-19Fix mingw warningAdrian Johnson2-5/+3
2022-04-19DWrite: Replace manual or missing ref counting with RefPtrAdrian Johnson2-81/+75
2022-04-19DWrite: check 'head' table as well as 'name' when comparing fontsAdrian Johnson3-52/+141
2022-04-19DWrite: ensure all private functions are staticAdrian Johnson2-30/+20
2022-04-19Dwrite glyph_path fails when the font matrix is not a positive uniform scaleAdrian Johnson1-10/+22
2022-04-19Fix Win64 compile warningAdrian Johnson1-1/+1
2022-04-19Fix scaled_glyph hash lookup on Win64Adrian Johnson1-2/+3
2022-04-19Allow the C++ code in dwrite-font to use the debug functionsAdrian Johnson1-1/+2
2022-04-19DWrite: Use twin font if default font not foundAdrian Johnson1-1/+1
2022-04-19Fix DWrite error handlingAdrian Johnson1-41/+46
2022-04-19Dwrite: implement is_synthetic()Adrian Johnson3-7/+171
2022-04-19cairoint.h: update some commentsAdrian Johnson1-14/+25
2022-04-15Merge branch 'ctype' into 'master'Uli Schlachter6-36/+99
2022-04-09Replace use of ctype functions with internal version where only ASCII chars a...Adrian Johnson6-36/+99
2022-04-05Merge branch 'issue-537' into 'master'Uli Schlachter1-6/+10