BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.10Properly align framebuffer height for tiling.Eric Anholt4 years
2.13Increment version to 2.13.0Carl Worth4 years
2.4Initialize gen4 render code under XAA tooKeith Packard5 years
2.8Fix typo in bios_reader for invalid pointer castZhenyu Wang5 years
2.9Properly align framebuffer height for tiling.Eric Anholt4 years
dri2-swapbuffersDRI2: add OML and SGI_video_sync supportJesse Barnes5 years
mastersna/dri2: Disable tracking stale back buffers without reuse-notificationsChris Wilson10 hours
screen-conv-apisna: port to compat apiDave Airlie2 years
xwaylandxwayland: shortcut Enter/ExitVTGiovanni Campagna13 months
xwayland-1.12xwayland: Set ScheduleSwap to NULL so DRI2 doesn't call itKristian Høgsberg19 months
2.99.916commit 692c14d405...Chris Wilson3 weeks
2.99.915commit 001c542618...Chris Wilson3 weeks
2.99.914commit 8d95e90b7b...Chris Wilson2 months
2.99.913commit 1c5e20716f...Chris Wilson2 months
2.99.912commit cb7b27a705...Chris Wilson4 months
2.99.911commit 582adf067c...Chris Wilson6 months
2.99.910commit 2fb2cd092d...Chris Wilson8 months
2.99.909commit 2c4b2ed558...Chris Wilson8 months
2.99.908commit 3f2e199b6b...Chris Wilson8 months
2.99.907commit c4b88d6026...Chris Wilson9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hourssna/dri2: Disable tracking stale back buffers without reuse-notificationsHEADmasterChris Wilson1-13/+25
31 hourssna/trapezoids: Fix comparison on right edge of trapezoidsChris Wilson5-20/+16
31 hourssna/trapezoids: Consistently use NO_GPU_THREADS to disable threading for DBGChris Wilson1-5/+10
2 dayssna/trapezoids: Fix loss of precision through projection onto sample gridChris Wilson1-254/+184
3 dayssna: Fix SHOW_BATCH_AFTER debugging aideChris Wilson1-1/+1
3 dayssna: Clear padding in rotation properties for valgrindChris Wilson2-204/+230
3 dayssna; Markup that we are ignoring errors from early ScreenCreateResourcesChris Wilson1-1/+1
4 dayssna: Use move-to-gpu for explicit handling of damage during fbcon copyChris Wilson1-3/+2
5 daysman: Mention Option "AccelMethod" "none"Chris Wilson1-1/+1
5 daysman: Document the extended values supported by Option "DRI"Chris Wilson1-3/+6