BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
COMPOSITEWRAPMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
CYGWINPull XORG-6_8_0 to CYGWIN branchAlexander Gottwald10 years
DAMAGE-XFIXES23. Merged with XFree86 4.4.0. Added changes that went into infected files.Egbert Eich10 years
IPv6-REVIEW18. Merged in XFree86 code up to 4.4.0 including changes to files that hadEgbert Eich10 years
STSF-CURRENTImporting vendor version xf86-4_4_0 on Wed Mar 3 04:09:24 PST 2004Egbert Eich10 years
XACE-SELINUXMerge the new release from HEADEamon Walsh10 years
XEVIEInitial revisionKaleb Keithley11 years
XINERAMA_2Initial revisionKaleb Keithley11 years
XORG-6_8-branchMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
XORG-CURRENTMerged changes from RELEASE-1 branchEgbert Eich10 years
XORG-RELEASE-1Fixed version number glitches in modules.Egbert Eich10 years
XORG-RELEASE-1-STSF18. Merged in XFree86 code up to 4.4.0 including changes to files that hadEgbert Eich10 years
XORG-RELEASE-1-TM18. Merged in XFree86 code up to 4.4.0 including changes to files that hadEgbert Eich10 years
XORG-STABLEInitial revisionKaleb Keithley11 years
XPRINTResync to 2004-04-10 XORG-RELEASE-1 branchRoland Mainz10 years
lg3dMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-1Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-1-1Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-1-currentMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-1-latestMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-2Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-latestMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-7-0Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-dev-0-7-1Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-eventMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
lg3d-masterMerging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich10 years
masterAdd support for server managed fdsHans de Goede4 months
sco_port_updateFix includes right throughout the Xserver tree:Daniel Stone9 years
xf86-input-joystick-1.2Set requirement of xorg-server to at most, because it breaksSascha Hlusiak7 years
xf86-input-joystick-1.3Make "less" workChristoph Brill6 years
xf86-input-joystick-1.4Fail configure on xorg-server >= 1.6.99Sascha Hlusiak5 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  xf86-input-joystick-1.6.2.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak18 months  xf86-input-joystick-1.6.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak2 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.6.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak3 years  xf86-input-joystick-  Peter Hutterer3 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.5.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak5 years  xf86-input-joystick-  Sascha Hlusiak5 years  xf86-input-joystick-  Peter Hutterer5 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.4.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak5 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.4.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak6 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.3.3.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak6 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.3.2.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak6 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.3.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.3.0-1.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.3.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.2.3.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.2.2.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.2.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.2.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  xf86-input-joystick-1.1.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hlusiak7 years  XORG-7_1.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  joystick-1_1_0.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  xf86-video-impact-0_2_0.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years  XORG-7_0.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_904.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  MODULAR_COPY.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_903.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_902.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_901.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_99_99_900.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_15.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_16.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_900.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_901.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_902.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_903.tar.gz  Kevin E Martin9 years  XORG-6_8_99_14.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_13.tar.gz  Adam Jackson9 years  XORG-6_8_99_10.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_11.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_12.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_4.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_5.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_6.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_7.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_8.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  XORG-6_8_99_9.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  sco_port_update-base.tar.gz  Daniel Stone9 years  CYGWIN-6_8_0-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  CYGWIN-6_8_1-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  CYGWIN-6_8_2-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  XACE-SELINUX-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_2.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_901.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_902.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_903.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_7_99_904.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_1_901.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_1_902.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_1_903.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_1_904.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_2.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_99_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_99_2.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-6_8_99_3.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  lg3d-base.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  lg3d-rel-0-6-2.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  lg3d-rel-0-7-0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  rel-0-6-1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-CURRENT-CLOSED.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  before_20040421_xprint_branch_landing.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XPRINT_BEGIN.tar.gz  Roland Mainz10 years  XORG-6_7_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-CYGWIN-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  xo-6_7_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  CYGWIN-HEAD-LAST-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  CYGWIN-HEAD-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  CYGWIN-PRE-6_8_0-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  CYGWIN-RELEASE-1-MERGE.tar.gz  Alexander Gottwald10 years  xf86-4_4_99_1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  DAMAGE-XFIXES-BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XACE-SELINUX-BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-CURRENT-premerge-release-1.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  IPv6-REVIEW-BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-CYGWIN-LAST-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-STSF-FORK.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-CLOSED.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-TM-CYGWIN-LAST-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XORG-TM-CYGWIN-MERGE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XPRINT_BASE.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  xf86-4_4_0.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  xf86-4_3_99_903.tar.gz  Egbert Eich10 years  XEVIE-BASE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  XEVIE-MERGE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  XORG-RELEASE-1-BASE.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-012804-2330.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_0_1.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_99_16.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_99_901.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_99_902.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years  xf86-4_3_99_903_special.tar.gz  Kaleb Keithley11 years