BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
CYGWINImport changes from XORG-6.8.2Alexander Gottwald9 years
XACE-SELINUXMerge the new release from HEADEamon Walsh10 years
XORG-6_8-branchxc/fonts/encodings/ImakefileRoland Mainz10 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-1-1More 682 mergeDeron Johnson9 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-2More 682 mergeDeron Johnson9 years
lg3d-dev-0-7-0More 682 mergeDeron Johnson9 years
lg3d-dev-0-7-1More 682 mergeDeron Johnson9 years
lg3d-masterMore 682 mergeDeron Johnson9 years
masterRemove extraneous duplicate checks for -r & -n optionsAlan Coopersmith3 weeks
sco_port_updatexc/fonts/encodings/ImakefileRoland Mainz10 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mkfontscale-1.1.1.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith12 months  mkfontscale-1.1.0.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith2 years  mkfontscale-1.0.9.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith3 years  mkfontscale-1.0.8.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith4 years  mkfontscale-1.0.7.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith5 years  mkfontscale-1.0.6.tar.gz  Alan Coopersmith6 years  mkfontscale-1.0.5.tar.gz  Julien Cristau6 years  mkfontscale-1.0.4.tar.gz  Adam Jackson6 years  mkfontscale-1.0.3.tar.gz  Daniel Stone8 years  mkfontscale-1.0.2.tar.gz  Adam Jackson8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-07-06Remove extraneous duplicate checks for -r & -n optionsHEADmasterAlan Coopersmith1-4/+0 Honor NOCONFIGURE=1Alan Coopersmith1-2/+3
2014-06-03configure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODEAlan Coopersmith2-2/+1
2014-03-19Only include config.h if it exists.Thomas Klausner2-0/+4
2014-01-02Fix possible malloc allocation error found by clang static analysisJeremy Huddleston Sequoia1-1/+6
2014-01-02Plug a memory leak found by clang static analysisJeremy Huddleston Sequoia1-8/+16
2013-11-23Print which option was in error along with usage messageAlan Coopersmith1-7/+18
2013-11-23Make usage() always exit(1)Alan Coopersmith2-10/+4
2013-11-23Add -v flag to print program versionAlan Coopersmith2-1/+9
2013-11-23Add missing newline to usage outputAlan Coopersmith1-1/+1