BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterigt/gem_userptr_blits/dmabuf: Provide partial coverage on !llc platformsChris Wilson50 min.
intel-gpu-tools-1.8commit d9d3f4b0d2...Rodrigo Vivi6 weeks
intel-gpu-tools-1.7commit 32bb5d9f15...Rodrigo Vivi4 months
intel-gpu-tools-1.6commit a095072b64...Rodrigo Vivi7 months
intel-gpu-tools-1.5commit 41b5fbfd60...Rodrigo Vivi12 months
intel-gpu-tools-1.4commit be28ba071b...Rodrigo Vivi13 months
intel-gpu-tools-1.3commit dd5f40f50c...Daniel Vetter2 years
1.3commit dd5f40f50c...Daniel Vetter2 years
1.2commit 2065ca15fb...Daniel Vetter3 years
1.1commit 5a3fccbb57...Daniel Vetter3 years
1.0.2commit d48fc144ca...Eric Anholt5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
50 min.igt/gem_userptr_blits/dmabuf: Provide partial coverage on !llc platformsHEADmasterChris Wilson1-19/+38
14 hourslib/igt_aux: move audio RPM code to igt_setup_runtime_pm()Paulo Zanoni2-12/+14
40 hourstests/gem_exec_parse: test for chained batch buffersBrad Volkin2-0/+106
5 daystests/kms_cursor_crc: HSW/BDW only have square cursorsPaulo Zanoni1-4/+1
6 dayslib/igt_aux: make igt_wait_for_pm_status() resist the signal helperPaulo Zanoni1-5/+12
6 daystests/kms_force_connector: fix assertion when VGA is already connectedThomas Wood1-2/+5
6 daystests: add a check for command line handlingThomas Wood2-0/+67
6 add standard command line optionsThomas Wood1-0/+11
6 daysconfigure: include the skylake quick_dump files in EXTRA_DISTThomas Wood1-1/+1
6 daysquick_dump: fix distcheckThomas Wood1-1/+1