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mastertestdisplay: ignore invalid subtest optionsThomas Wood22 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.gz  Rodrigo Vivi8 weeks  intel-gpu-tools-1.6.tar.gz  Rodrigo Vivi5 months  intel-gpu-tools-1.5.tar.gz  Rodrigo Vivi9 months  intel-gpu-tools-1.4.tar.gz  Rodrigo Vivi10 months  intel-gpu-tools-1.3.tar.gz  Daniel Vetter23 months  intel-gpu-tools-1.3.tar.gz  Daniel Vetter23 months  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.gz  Daniel Vetter2 years  intel-gpu-tools-1.1.tar.gz  Daniel Vetter2 years  intel-gpu-tools-1.0.2.tar.gz  Eric Anholt5 years  intel-gpu-tools-1.0.1.tar.gz  Eric Anholt5 years
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22 hourstestdisplay: ignore invalid subtest optionsHEADmasterThomas Wood1-1/+12
2 dayscore: Add all kernel log levelsChris Wilson1-1/+8
2 daysUpdate .gitignore filesThomas Wood2-1/+6
2 dayslib: don't abort if forcing the connector state failsThomas Wood2-6/+15
2 dayslib: check test options for conflictsThomas Wood1-4/+42
2 dayslib: avoid getopt value conflicts with testsThomas Wood1-8/+15
2 daystestdisplay: set a non-zero exit code if getopt detected an errorThomas Wood1-1/+1
3 dayslib: Add ndebug to the headersBen Widawsky1-0/+1
3 daystests/gem_ringfill: add interruptible modeDaniel Vetter1-0/+17
3 daystestdisplay: Destroy the cairo context once the fb is paintedDamien Lespiau1-0/+2