BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
chromium-port-protono-up! Simplify Piglit for prototyping the port to Chrome's GPU command bufferChad Versace8 weeks
glean-masterUpdate glean tests to 19f0f8e67a62d879216e75c756bed905019453c3Eric Anholt5 years
glsl2Merge branch 'master' into glsl2Ian Romanick4 years
glspec-upstreamImport the current GLES2/3 core/extension headers.Eric Anholt16 months
mastertests/ Add assertions for bad characters in test namesDylan Baker4 days
shader_runnerAdd a set of GLSL tests for optimizations I plan to do in glsl2.Eric Anholt4 years
piglit-v1commit 993bee1927...Nicolai Haehnle6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daystests/ Add assertions for bad characters in test namesHEADmasterDylan Baker1-0/+2
4 daystests/ Fix name of arb_tessellation_shader testDylan Baker1-1/+1
5 daysAdd test to verify transform feedback values of few builtin variablesAnuj Phogat3-0/+169
5 daysAdd test to verify blitting to multiple render targetsAnuj Phogat3-0/+177
5 dayspiglit-fbo: Enable the tests to create FBO with multiple color attachmentsAnuj Phogat12-68/+83
5 dayspiglit-fbo: Add new variables to track multiple color attachmentsAnuj Phogat2-0/+32
5 dayspiglit-fbo: Move color buffer initialization code in to separate functionsAnuj Phogat2-41/+62
6 daysarb_tessellation_shader: add simple data passing testsIlia Mirkin5-0/+298
6 daysarb_tessellation_shader: add execution test for barrierIlia Mirkin2-0/+172
6 daysarb_tessellation_shader: add compiler tests for barrier()Ilia Mirkin7-0/+184