BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
chromium-port-protono-up! Simplify Piglit for prototyping the port to Chrome's GPU command bufferChad Versace3 weeks
glean-masterUpdate glean tests to 19f0f8e67a62d879216e75c756bed905019453c3Eric Anholt5 years
glsl2Merge branch 'master' into glsl2Ian Romanick4 years
glspec-upstreamImport the current GLES2/3 core/extension headers.Eric Anholt14 months
masterext_framebuffer_multisample: Add NORETURN attribute to print_usage_and_exit.Vinson Lee13 hours
shader_runnerAdd a set of GLSL tests for optimizations I plan to do in glsl2.Eric Anholt4 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  piglit-v1.tar.gz  Nicolai Haehnle5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 hoursext_framebuffer_multisample: Add NORETURN attribute to print_usage_and_exit.HEADmasterVinson Lee1-1/+1
25 hoursglsl: test a switch statement where default is lastTapani Pälli1-0/+43
30 hoursarb_compute_shader glsl min/max: Update gl_MaxComputeUniformComponentsJordan Justen1-1/+1
31 hourstests: tesselate => tessellate (only comments were changed)Jordan Justen5-6/+6
31 hoursarb_tessellation_shader: Add nop tessellation drawing testJordan Justen1-0/+63
31 hoursarb_tessellation_shader: Fix TS GL API minmax buildJordan Justen3-1/+4
31 hoursarb_tessellation_shader: Add GLSL minimum-maximums testJordan Justen2-0/+17
31 hoursbuilt-in-constants: Support tessellation shadersJordan Justen1-7/+90
2 daysarb_tessellation_shader: Add GL minmax testJordan Justen2-0/+95
4 dayscl: Extend float to long conversion testJan Vesely1-2/+26