BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.0Fix text disappearing after space (bug #6617)Carl Worth8 years
1.10test: Missing conjoint ref imageChris Wilson3 years
1.12Post-release version bumpChris Wilson11 months
1.2[] Pass tag message to git-tag in release-publishBehdad Esfahbod8 years
1.4[mac] Correctly handle endianness in multi-architecture compiles on MacOS XJeremy Huddleston6 years
1.6[Makefile] Hide cpp files from automakeChris Wilson6 years
1.8Increment cairo version to 1.8.11Carl Worth4 years
masterV6 image: Use convolution filters for sample reconstruction when downscalingBill Spitzak6 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  cairo-1.12.16.tar.gz  Chris Wilson11 months  cairo-1.12.14.tar.gz  Chris Wilson18 months  cairo-1.12.12.tar.gz  Chris Wilson18 months  cairo-1.12.10.tar.gz  Chris Wilson18 months  cairo-1.12.8.tar.gz  Chris Wilson21 months  cairo-1.12.6.tar.gz  Chris Wilson21 months  cairo-1.12.4.tar.gz  Chris Wilson22 months  cairo-1.12.2.tar.gz  Chris Wilson2 years  cairo-1.12.0.tar.gz  Chris Wilson2 years  cairo-1.11.4.tar.gz  Chris Wilson2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 daysV6 image: Use convolution filters for sample reconstruction when downscalingHEADmasterBill Spitzak2-2/+420
7 daysxlib: Fix mispelling in a commentBryce Harrington1-1/+1
7 dayscairo-wideint: Fix typo in two cairo_uint128 functionsBryce Harrington1-4/+4
8 daysMore binary mode for WindowsBehdad Esfahbod1-2/+2
8 daysBinary mode in any2ppmBehdad Esfahbod1-1/+8
2014-07-14[cairo-trace] Work around fontconfig :charset= parse format changeBehdad Esfahbod1-0/+12 Fix broken build for Qt backendBryce Harrington1-0/+1 Add a --disable-lto configure optionBryce Harrington1-5/+10 Quell warnings about AM_PROG_AR when using automake 1.12Bryce Harrington1-0/+1
2014-07-11[trace] Don't print FC_CHARSET, FC_LANG, and FC_CAPABILITYBehdad Esfahbod1-4/+17