BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Release_v0.9.xBump to 0.9.3.Zhigang Gong6 weeks
masterFix AUX buffer for page alignmentZhenyu Wang24 hours
opencl-1.1relax the build dependency on Gen GPUGuo Yejun4 months
stableBump to 0.9.3.Zhigang Gong6 weeks
Release_v0.9.3commit 80e721cfa6...Zhigang Gong6 weeks
Release_v0.9.2commit 39c8a4331d...Zhigang Gong3 months
Release_v0.9.1commit b140444bd5...Yi Sun4 months
Release_v0.9commit 5ab90babd2...Zhigang Gong4 months
Release_v0.8commit f206e98227...Zhigang Gong8 months
Release_v0.3commit acfac8ab53...Homer Hsing12 months
Release_v0.2commit b512f1e560...Zhigang Gong16 months
Release_v0.1commit e6b503e2b9...Zhigang Gong18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
24 hoursFix AUX buffer for page alignmentHEADmasterZhenyu Wang1-3/+6
24 hoursUse pread/pwrite for buffer enqueue read/writeZhenyu Wang4-26/+10
24 hoursClear batch buffer pointer after unmapZhenyu Wang1-1/+2
24 hoursMake use of write enable flag for mem bo mapZhenyu Wang6-22/+27
29 hoursGBE: handle dead loop BBs in liveness analysis.Zhigang Gong2-1/+11
29 hourscreate GIT_SHA1 without any dependencyMeng Mengmeng2-5/+4
2 daysAdd the disasm support for Gen8Junyan He2-530/+582
2 daysGBE: fix regression caused by simple block optimization.Zhigang Gong1-0/+28
2 daysadd beignet GIT_HAL1 if there is .git directoryMeng Mengmeng3-2/+35
2 daysGBE: add basic PHINode support in legalize pass.Zhigang Gong1-0/+66