BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Release_v0.9.xfree build_log when the cl program is releasedGuo Yejun7 days
masterfree build_log when the cl program is releasedGuo Yejun7 days
opencl-1.1relax the build dependency on Gen GPUGuo Yejun6 weeks
stableBump to 0.9.2.Zhigang Gong8 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  Release_v0.9.2.tar.gz  Zhigang Gong8 days  Release_v0.9.1.tar.gz  Yi Sun3 weeks  Release_v0.9.tar.gz  Zhigang Gong4 weeks  Release_v0.8.tar.gz  Zhigang Gong5 months  Release_v0.3.tar.gz  Homer Hsing9 months  Release_v0.2.tar.gz  Zhigang Gong13 months  Release_v0.1.tar.gz  Zhigang Gong15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 daysfree build_log when the cl program is releasedHEADmasterGuo Yejun1-0/+5
7 daysNEWS: update for 0.9.2.Zhigang Gong1-0/+3
8 daysdocs: add a NEWS document to point to the release notes pages.Zhigang Gong3-0/+15
8 daysremove requirment as drm master in non-x environmentGuo Yejun2-35/+24
9 daysimprove the clEnqueueCopyBufferRect performance in some casesLv Meng4-7/+49
9 daysadd utest load_program_from_gen_bin.LuoXionghu3-11/+28
9 daysadd platform info in the gen binary code.LuoXionghu2-9/+70
10 daysGBE: Optimize constant load with sampler.Ruiling Song7-11/+30
10 daysGBE: Use varying register to save one instructionRuiling Song1-2/+1
13 daysgbe: add the new else instruction to the assert checking.Zhigang Gong1-1/+2