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2011-10-18build: Tidy up a bunch of tool Makefiles, and simplify where possible using theDaniel Dunbar1-4/+3
2010-01-24make -fno-rtti the default unless a directory builds with REQUIRES_RTTI.Chris Lattner1-1/+0
2010-01-22Stop building RTTI information for *most* llvm libraries. NotableChris Lattner1-0/+1
2009-09-11Fix llvm-extract's "writing bitcode to a terminal" warning, which wasn'tDan Gohman1-1/+1
2009-02-26disable exports from a bunch more tools, those without plugins.Chris Lattner1-0/+3
2007-12-29remove attributions from tools/utils makefiles.Chris Lattner1-2/+2
2007-05-06switch tools to bitcode instead of bytecodeChris Lattner1-1/+1
2007-05-06remove EH cruft, add bitcode supportChris Lattner1-2/+2
2006-09-04Use LINK_COMPONENTS to specify *components* to link against instead ofChris Lattner1-3/+1
2006-07-07Tools require EH for their top-level try blocks.Chris Lattner1-0/+1
2006-06-01Use archive libraries instead of object files for VMCore, BCReader,Reid Spencer1-3/+3
2005-10-27Move some constant folding code shared by Analysis and Transform passesJohn Criswell1-1/+1
2005-10-261. Remove libraries no longer created from the list of libraries linked into theJohn Criswell1-1/+1
2005-04-24extract has been renamed to llvm-extract to avoid conflicting with another toolMisha Brukman1-0/+16