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[Modules] Make Support/Debug.h modular. This requires it to not change
behavior based on other files defining DEBUG_TYPE, which means it cannot define DEBUG_TYPE at all. This is actually better IMO as it forces folks to define relevant DEBUG_TYPEs for their files. However, it requires all files that currently use DEBUG(...) to define a DEBUG_TYPE if they don't already. I've updated all such files in LLVM and will do the same for other upstream projects. This still leaves one important change in how LLVM uses the DEBUG_TYPE macro going forward: we need to only define the macro *after* header files have been #include-ed. Previously, this wasn't possible because Debug.h required the macro to be pre-defined. This commit removes that. By defining DEBUG_TYPE after the includes two things are fixed: - Header files that need to provide a DEBUG_TYPE for some inline code can do so by defining the macro before their inline code and undef-ing it afterward so the macro does not escape. - We no longer have rampant ODR violations due to including headers with different DEBUG_TYPE definitions. This may be mostly an academic violation today, but with modules these types of violations are easy to check for and potentially very relevant. Where necessary to suppor headers with DEBUG_TYPE, I have moved the definitions below the includes in this commit. I plan to move the rest of the DEBUG_TYPE macros in LLVM in subsequent commits; this one is big enough. The comments in Debug.h, which were hilariously out of date already, have been updated to reflect the recommended practice going forward. git-svn-id: 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8
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diff --git a/tools/lli/RemoteTargetExternal.cpp b/tools/lli/RemoteTargetExternal.cpp
index c1bc8dfe99c..fe46248822c 100644
--- a/tools/lli/RemoteTargetExternal.cpp
+++ b/tools/lli/RemoteTargetExternal.cpp
@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
using namespace llvm;
+#define DEBUG_TYPE "lli"
bool RemoteTargetExternal::allocateSpace(size_t Size, unsigned Alignment,
uint64_t &Address) {
DEBUG(dbgs() << "Message [allocate space] size: " << Size <<