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2013-06-26Add __CLC_ prefix to all macro definitions in headersTom Stellard1-1/+1
libclc was defining and undefing GENTYPE and several other macros with common names in its header files. This was preventing applications from defining macros with identical names as command line arguments to the compiler, because the definitions in the header files were masking the macros defined as compiler arguements. Reviewed-by: Aaron Watry <>
2013-04-19libclc: Implement clz() builtinAaron Watry1-0/+1
Squashed commit of the following: commit a0df0a0e86c55c1bdc0b9c0f5a739e5adef4b056 Author: Aaron Watry <> Date: Mon Apr 15 18:42:04 2013 -0500 libclc: Rename clz.ll to clz_if.ll to ensure it gets built. treats files that have the same name with the .cl and .ll extensions as overriding eachother. E.g. If you have and clz.ll both specified to be built in the same SOURCES file, only the first file listed will actually be built. Since the contents of clz.ll were an interface that is implemented in clz_impl.ll, rename clz.ll to clz_if.ll to make sure that the interface is built. commit 931b62bed05c58f737de625bd415af09571a6a5a Author: Aaron Watry <> Date: Sat Apr 13 12:32:54 2013 -0500 libclc: llvm assembly implementation of clz Untested... currently crashes in the same manner as add_sat. commit 6ef0b7b0b6d2e5584086b4b9a9243743b2e0538f Author: Aaron Watry <> Date: Sat Mar 23 12:35:27 2013 -0500 libclc: Add stub clz builtin For scalar int/uint, attempt to use the clz llvm builtin.. for all others return 0 until an actual implementation is finished.