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+libclc is an open source, BSD licensed
+implementation of the library requirements of the
+OpenCL C programming language, as specified by the <a
+1.1 Specification</a>. The following sections of the specification
+impose library requirements:
+<li>6.1: Supported Data Types
+<li>6.2.3: Explicit Conversions
+<li> Reinterpreting Types Using as_type() and as_typen()
+<li>6.9: Preprocessor Directives and Macros
+<li>6.11: Built-in Functions
+<li>9.3: Double Precision Floating-Point
+<li>9.4: 64-bit Atomics
+<li>9.5: Writing to 3D image memory objects
+<li>9.6: Half Precision Floating-Point
+libclc is intended to be used with the <a href="">Clang</a>
+compiler's OpenCL frontend.
+libclc is designed to be portable and extensible. To this end,
+it provides generic implementations of most library requirements,
+allowing the target to override the generic implementation at the
+granularity of individual functions.
+libclc currently only supports the PTX target, but support for more
+targets is welcome.
+git clone git:// (<a href="">gitweb</a>)
+<h2>Mailing List</h2>
+ (<a href="">subscribe/unsubscribe</a>, <a href="">archives</a>)