BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ARB_enhanced_layoutsradeonsi: enable GLSL 4.50Nicolai Hähnle4 years
ARB_gpu_shader_int64gallium: enable int64 on radeonsi, llvmpipe, softpipeNicolai Hähnle4 years
ARB_sparse_bufferradeonsi: enable ARB_sparse_bufferNicolai Hähnle4 years
ac_surfaceradv: use ac_compute_surfaceNicolai Hähnle3 years
addrtoolWIP amd/addrtoolNicolai Hähnle3 years
arb_bindless_textureglsl: skip tree grafting for sampler and image typesNicolai Hähnle4 years
arb_transform_feedback_overflow_queryradeonsi: enable ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_queryNicolai Hähnle3 years
arraysgallium/radeon: use lp_build_alloca_undefNicolai Hähnle4 years
buffer-suballocgallium/radeon/winsyses: reduce the number of pb_cache bucketsNicolai Hähnle4 years
cubemapsac/nir: use ac_emit_fdiv throughoutNicolai Hähnle4 years
ddivst/glsl_to_tgsi: use DDIV instead of DRCP + DMULNicolai Hähnle4 years
debug-dmaradeonsi: report a failure to parse dmesg instead of assertingNicolai Hähnle4 years
descriptorsradeonsi: keep track of dirty descriptor setsNicolai Hähnle4 years
driconfradeonsi: add enable_sisched driconf optionNicolai Hähnle3 years
fences-threads-ddebugmesa: flush and wait after creating a fallback textureNicolai Hähnle3 years
first-imagest/mesa: directly compute level=0 texture size in st_finalize_textureNicolai Hähnle4 years
ibswinsys/amdgpu: decay max_ib_size over timeNicolai Hähnle4 years
images-radeonsidocs: mark GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store/_size as done for radeonsiNicolai Hähnle5 years
khronos-updateUpdate Khronos-supplied headersNicolai Hähnle3 years
ldexpradeonsi: emit DLDEXP and DFRACEXP TGSI opcodesNicolai Hähnle3 years
merged-shader-io-bitfieldsradeonsi: get rid of secondary input/output wordNicolai Hähnle3 years
nirradeonsi: enable R600_DEBUG=nir for vertex and fragment shadersNicolai Hähnle3 years
nir-v2radeonsi: enable R600_DEBUG=nir for vertex and fragment shadersNicolai Hähnle3 years
out-of-orderradeonsi: allow out-of-order rasterization in commutative blending casesNicolai Hähnle3 years
pbo-downloadst/mesa: implement PBO downloads for ReadPixelsNicolai Hähnle4 years
pbo-uploadgallium/radeon: support PIPE_CAP_SURFACE_REINTERPRET_BLOCKSNicolai Hähnle5 years
pub-invalidategallium/radeon: do not reallocate user memory buffersNicolai Hähnle5 years
queryradeonsi: add placeholder MC and SRBM performance counter groupsNicolai Hähnle5 years
query-buffer-objectradeonsi: enable ARB_query_buffer_objectNicolai Hähnle4 years
r300-compilerMerge branch 'master' into r300-compilerNicolai Hähnle11 years
r300g-glslr300/compiler: Implement constant foldingNicolai Hähnle11 years
readpixelsWIP st/mesa: memcpy drop-ins for readpixelsNicolai Hähnle4 years
shader-stateradeonsi: emit rw_buffers for tes_shader only if tes_shader presentNicolai Hähnle5 years
si_shader_memradeonsi: extract TGSI memory/texture opcode handling into its own fileNicolai Hähnle3 years
ssboglsl: non-constant indexes of ssbo arrays are always allowed in OpenGLNicolai Hähnle5 years
tgsi-const-2dsquash! st/glsl_to_tgsi: inline src_register into translate_srcNicolai Hähnle3 years
tmpradeonsi: bail out instead of crashing if the main shader part failed to compileNicolai Hähnle3 years
ubsanradeonsi: fix undefined behavior (memcpy arguments must be non-NULL)Nicolai Hähnle4 years
user_strideac_surface: don't apply the 256-byte alignment to staging surfacesNicolai Hähnle3 years
user_stride-v2ac_surface: don't apply the 256-byte alignment to staging surfacesNicolai Hähnle3 years
wipradeonsi: generate GS prolog to (partially) fix triangle strip adjacency rota...Nicolai Hähnle4 years