BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
11.0-recordsi965: Fix scalar vertex shader struct outputs.Kenneth Graunke6 years
16xmsaai965: Enable 16x MSAA on Skylake.Kenneth Graunke6 years
16xmsaa-nqueensstash - dx linkKenneth Graunke7 years
330mesa: Bump version to 11.0.0.Kenneth Graunke8 years
48bi965: Allow 48-bit addressing on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke3 years
48b-3i965: Allow 48-bit addressing on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke3 years
48b-oldLOUDKenneth Graunke3 years
androidandroid: Use local i915_drm.h rather than the system one.Kenneth Graunke3 years
angry-gpui965: Add INTEL_DEBUG=angry for debugging angry angry GPUsKenneth Graunke4 years
anholtmesa: Set new renderbuffers to RGBA4 on all GLES contexts.Eric Anholt4 years
anisoi965: Ignore anisotropic filtering in nearest mode.Kenneth Graunke5 years
arraycallstashKenneth Graunke6 years
arrayfixglsl: Fix assert fails when assignment expressions are in array sizes.Kenneth Graunke5 years
arrayparamsstashKenneth Graunke6 years
asmir_to_mesa: Don't set component for ir_dereference in ir_quadop_vectorIan Romanick9 years
asmdumpDump all assembly to /tmp/asmdump if ASMDUMP=/tmp/asmdumpKenneth Graunke6 years
asrasrKenneth Graunke6 years
astClassify part oneKenneth Graunke10 years
attrboatsmodsi965: Fix copy propagation type changes.Kenneth Graunke6 years
attribute-coldjust do _mesa_errorKenneth Graunke6 years
aubinatorintel/tools/error: Decode compute shaders.Kenneth Graunke4 years
autofreeralloc: Delete autofree handling.Kenneth Graunke4 years
bacondrmi965/drm: Rename intel_bufmgr_gem.c to brw_bufmgr.c.Kenneth Graunke4 years
bacondrm-2i965/drm: Add stall warnings when mapping or waiting on BOs.Kenneth Graunke4 years
barriersi965: Implement WaResetN0BeforeGatewayMessage.Kenneth Graunke4 years
basevertex-v9i965: Request lowering gl_VertexIDIan Romanick7 years
batch-fixesi965: Torch public intel_batchbuffer_emit_dword/float helpers.Kenneth Graunke3 years
batinatori965: Use aubinator/genxml for INTEL_DEBUG=bat commands.Kenneth Graunke4 years
batsi965: Drop the batch and limp along if execbuf fails.Kenneth Graunke4 years
benconsti965: Make a helper for emitting 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_XS packets.Kenneth Graunke5 years
bfiglsl, nir: Make ir_triop_bitfield_extract a vectorized operation.Kenneth Graunke5 years
bigbufferdon't grow, allocate big buffers!Kenneth Graunke4 years
bison912mesa/program: remove useless YYIDLaurent Carlier8 years
blithacks-v4i965: Reorder BlitFramebuffer options.Kenneth Graunke7 years
blorpi965/fs: Remove FS_OPCODE_BLORP_FB_WRITE.Kenneth Graunke7 years
blorp-flush-with-flagsi965: Avoid flushing the batch for every blorp op.Eric Anholt8 years
blorp-v2i965/fs: Remove FS_OPCODE_BLORP_FB_WRITE.Kenneth Graunke7 years
bltintel: Only blit from source to mapping temporary if !INVALIDATE_RANGEKenneth Graunke8 years
bofixesi965: Delete dead intel_buffer_object::range_map_size field.Kenneth Graunke8 years
bordercolori965: Fix integer border color on Haswell.Kenneth Graunke6 years
bordercolor-gen4try to fix rgb10a2uiKenneth Graunke7 years
brw_new_fast_color_cleari965: Create a BRW_NEW_FAST_COLOR_CLEAR dirty bit.Kenneth Graunke6 years
brw_reg_undefinedi965: Fix undefined df bits in brw_reg comparisons.Kenneth Graunke5 years
btp-uploadSTASH: try moving binding table upload to creation timeKenneth Graunke8 years
btreworkemit renderbuffers without using SURF_INDEX_DRAWKenneth Graunke8 years
bug-97532-trexglsl/linker: Precision error -> warning with env variableKenneth Graunke5 years
builtinsglsl: Delete linker stuff relating to built-in functions.Kenneth Graunke7 years
builtins-august-8SCALARIZED!!!Kenneth Graunke8 years
builtins-glslrewrite some builtins in GLSLKenneth Graunke10 years
builtins-v3glsl: Delete old built-in function generation code.Kenneth Graunke8 years
builtins-v3-historyglsl: Delete old built-in function generation code.Kenneth Graunke8 years
busystoragestashKenneth Graunke7 years
cachewipKenneth Graunke9 years
cffixi965: Fix JIP to skip over sibling do...while loops.Kenneth Graunke5 years
cffix-v2i965: Use default execution size for loop instructions.Kenneth Graunke7 years
cffix-v3i965: Set ExecSize to 16 for loop instructions in SIMD16 shaders.Kenneth Graunke7 years
cffix-v4i965: Set ExecSize to 16 for loop instructions in SIMD16 shaders.Kenneth Graunke7 years
cfgfixesi965/fs: Fix basic block tracking in try_rep_send().Matt Turner7 years
chickenhackschickenhacksKenneth Graunke6 years
chipseti965: Remove brw_context::urb::size/max_vs_entries/max_gs_entries.Kenneth Graunke10 years
chv-eoti965/fs: Use inst->eot rather than opcodes in register allocation.Kenneth Graunke6 years
chv-fastclearattempt fast clears. presumably ALL THE BUGS!Kenneth Graunke6 years
chv-fastclear-pocProof of concept for CHV arbitrary color fast clears.Kenneth Graunke6 years
chv-fastclear-v3REVERT: see what uses itKenneth Graunke6 years
chv-fixesi965: Defeat the register stride checker in URB reads.Kenneth Graunke5 years
chv-hiz-throughputimprove CHV throughput when HIZFIX=1. for testing.Kenneth Graunke6 years
clampvertexcolori965/vs: Set brw_vs_prog_key::clamp_vertex_color to 0 when irrelevant.Kenneth Graunke7 years
clean-paramsmore wip!Kenneth Graunke11 years
clearcachei965: Make brw_clear_cache flag all the bits on both pipelines.Kenneth Graunke5 years
clearfixdebugging...Kenneth Graunke7 years
clearfix-v9meta: Only clear the requested color buffers.Kenneth Graunke7 years
clipplanei965: Use NIR to lower legacy userclipping.Kenneth Graunke4 years
clockwerkmesa: Return _mesa_generic_nop from GET_by_offset instead of NULL.Kenneth Graunke8 years
cnl-flushesCS stall after WM_HZ_OP too?Kenneth Graunke4 years
cnl-pipecontroli965: Emit 32 PIPE_CONTROLs after 3DSTATE_SAMPLE_POSITION on Cannonlake.Kenneth Graunke4 years
cnl-scratchi965: Pretend there are 4 subslices for compute shader threads on Gen9+.Kenneth Graunke4 years
coalescing-lolscoalescing lolsKenneth Graunke6 years
compacti965: Add support for instruction compression on Gen7.Kenneth Graunke9 years
compact-vgrfsi965/vs: Compact the virtual GRF arrays.Kenneth Graunke9 years
compiler-divorcei965: Add compiler options to brw_compilerJason Ekstrand6 years
computefixi965: Fix compute shader crash.Kenneth Graunke5 years
connortexstashKenneth Graunke7 years
connortex-v2i965/fs: don't make a fake ir_texture in the Mesa IR frontendConnor Abbott7 years
const-buffer-relativei965: Revert absolute mode for constant buffer pointers.Kenneth Graunke4 years
consthacksurface hackKenneth Graunke4 years
constifytry to constify the universeKenneth Graunke6 years
constinit-propnir: Constant propagate initializers.Kenneth Graunke4 years
copyimagei965: Enable OES_copy_image (and EXT) on Gen8+ and Baytrail.Kenneth Graunke5 years
copyimage-v2i965: Enable OES_copy_image (and EXT) on Gen8+ and Baytrail.Kenneth Graunke5 years
copypropDUMP OUT ALL THE BITSKenneth Graunke8 years
copyprop-2i965: Make DCE set null destinations on messages with side effects.Kenneth Graunke4 years
cselCSELKenneth Graunke6 years
csel-2why is bld completely broken - stupid dispatch_width problemsKenneth Graunke6 years
ctsstashKenneth Graunke5 years
cts-16ki965: Implement another VF cache invalidate workaround on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke4 years
cts-16k-wipi965: Unbind deleted shaders from brw_context, fixing malloc heisenbug.Kenneth Graunke4 years
cts-blessedvbo: Return INVALID_OPERATION during draw with a mapped bufferJordan Justen5 years
cts-blessed-nov16nir: Add a C wrapper for glsl_type::is_array_of_arrays().Kenneth Graunke5 years
cts-hacksglcpp: Disallow #undef of built-in macros on all GLSL versions.Kenneth Graunke5 years
cworth-glcpp-charsetglsl/glcpp: Add testing of illegal characters in macro replacement listsCarl Worth5 years
cworth-glcpp-charset-2017glcpp: Add testing of illegal characters in macro replacement listsCarl Worth4 years
danhedron-bugfixi965: Fall back to linear for large compressed textures.Kenneth Graunke5 years
danveti965: Use GEM_DOMAIN_INSTRUCTION for write_reg().Kenneth Graunke8 years
ddxddyi965: Set prog_data->uses_kill if simulating alpha test via discards.Kenneth Graunke7 years
decodei965: Rewrite the decoder.Kenneth Graunke10 years
decoderfixgenxml: Fix decoding of groups containing fields smaller than a DWord.Kenneth Graunke4 years
depthi965: Disable depth writes when depth test is GL_EQUAL.Kenneth Graunke5 years
deqpRevert "i965/vec4: add opportunistic behaviour to opt_vector_float()"Kenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-copyimagemesa: Require mipmap completeness for glCopyImageSubData(), sometimes.Kenneth Graunke4 years
deqp-int-format-hacks10 bit shenanigans - doesn't actually work. 2-bit seems broken.Kenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-negative-dimsmesa: Make TexSubImage check negative dimensions sooner.Kenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-piqstructs? fixes some testsKenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-piq-ubosstashKenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-regressionfixi965: Don't use CUBE wrap modes for integer formats on IVB/BYT.Kenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-stashstashKenneth Graunke5 years
deqp-transpose-bugRaise "transpose must be false" error sooner.Kenneth Graunke5 years
dirtypushconi965: Mark push constants dirty when starting a new batchKenneth Graunke4 years
dirtytexobjmesa: Remove 'invalidate_state' parameter to _mesa_dirty_texobj().Kenneth Graunke8 years
disasmi965: Improve disassembly of data port read messages.Kenneth Graunke6 years
discards-4BROKEN.Kenneth Graunke7 years
discards-v2i965: Remove redundant discard jumps.Kenneth Graunke6 years
divinityi965: Claim to be ATIKenneth Graunke5 years
dolphini965: Fix missing BRW_NEW_*_PROG_DATA flagging caused by cache reuse.Kenneth Graunke6 years
driver2i965: Stop flagging _NEW_ARRAY for redundant glVertexAttribPointer callsKenneth Graunke4 years
dsaglapi: Add ARB_direct_state_access.xml.Kenneth Graunke7 years
dsa-2stashKenneth Graunke7 years
dual-blend-by-locationi965: Implement a drirc workaround for broken dual color blending.Kenneth Graunke5 years
dual-tcs-tesconditionalizeKenneth Graunke5 years
dual-tesi965: Implement dual-patch tessellation evaluation shaders.Kenneth Graunke3 years
dualsrci965/fs: Pass an fs_reg to emit_color_write rather than target.Kenneth Graunke7 years
dualsrc-v2stashKenneth Graunke7 years
dualsrc-v3use a helper functionKenneth Graunke7 years
dump-instructions-annotationsprint IP numbers on dump_instructions annotation lines tooKenneth Graunke6 years
dumptofilesmesa: Add MESA_SHADER_CAPTURE_PATH for writing .shader_test files.Kenneth Graunke5 years
dumptofiles-oldMake MESA_GLSL=dump write to filesKenneth Graunke5 years
dvecfixi965: Don't use abs and negate when converting ATTR to HW_REG.Kenneth Graunke6 years
egypthd-alphatest-hackstry using HW alpha test instead of discardsKenneth Graunke6 years
endif-jumpaggressive: jump all the way to the last instructionKenneth Graunke9 years
enumtostringmesa: Rename _mesa_lookup_enum_by_nr() to _mesa_enum_to_string().Kenneth Graunke6 years
everboundstashKenneth Graunke7 years
extension-anywhereallow #extension in the middleKenneth Graunke7 years
extensionsglcpp: Only #define extensions that are supported by the API.Kenneth Graunke5 years
fake430pretend to be 430Kenneth Graunke5 years
fast-clearSQUASH: comments in Mesa styleKenneth Graunke7 years
fastclear-integerCCS_D?Kenneth Graunke4 years
fdivi965: Use FDIV for floating point division on Gen6+ in GLSL shaders.Kenneth Graunke8 years
flatten-on-dcealso handle ELSE by flipping the predicateKenneth Graunke8 years
flexarrayglsl: flexarray.Kenneth Graunke9 years
flexarray-funcstashKenneth Graunke9 years
float-array-clipdistanceglsl: Mark whole variable used for ClipDistance and TessLevel*.Kenneth Graunke6 years
foobarwhine and complain moreKenneth Graunke3 years
footballi965/fs: Don't trash bound but unwritten color regions.Kenneth Graunke6 years
football-v2i965/fs: Don't issue FB writes for bound but unwritten color targets.Kenneth Graunke6 years
football-v3Revert "i965/vec4: Rewrite dead code elimination to use live in/out."Kenneth Graunke6 years
for-beni965: Correctly program auxiliary buffer offsets.Kenneth Graunke5 years
fortran965 haxKenneth Graunke10 years
fragment-layer-viewporti965: Implement ARB_fragment_layer_viewport.Kenneth Graunke6 years
fragment-layer-viewport-v3i965: Implement ARB_fragment_layer_viewport.Kenneth Graunke6 years
fs-intrinsicsi965: Simplify compute shader system value handling.Kenneth Graunke6 years
g45-math16i965: Implement 16-wide math on G45 and Ironlake.Kenneth Graunke8 years
gcmi965/nir: Use GCM and GVN in the first run of nir_optimizeJason Ekstrand4 years
genLTO!Kenneth Graunke8 years
gen4-fastcleari965: Enable replicated color clears on Gen4-5.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen4-layeredi965: Use level/layer on G45 as well - but not for cubemaps.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen4-simd16i965: Implement SIMD16 texturing on Gen4.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen4fixi965/fs: Fix ir_txs in emit_texture_gen4_simd16().Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen4fix-v2i965: Fix the regioning.Kenneth Graunke5 years
gen4hacksi965: Actually do vertex buffer bounds checking on Gen4.Kenneth Graunke7 years
gen4hangfixi965: Work around mysterious Gen4 GPU hangs by always flushing.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen4layeredi965: Use Gen6 renderbuffer code on Gen4-5.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen4sendsi965: Port Gen4 send dependency workarounds to the vec4 backend.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen5-layeredfix copyteximage hangs by implementing a workaround :(Kenneth Graunke6 years
gen6layeredmathfoobarKenneth Graunke7 years
gen8_blorptile offsetsKenneth Graunke5 years
gen8likeuse the same meta paths as gen8+Kenneth Graunke7 years
gen8soli965: Make sure GS output streams 1-3 aren't rasterized on Haswell+.Kenneth Graunke6 years
generatorsi965/vs: Use the instruction emitters.Kenneth Graunke8 years
genmipmeta: Support GenerateMipmaps on 1DArray textures.Kenneth Graunke7 years
genmipmapi965: Implement GenerateMipmap directly, rather than using Meta.Kenneth Graunke3 years
geom-glesEXT geometry shader in compilerKenneth Graunke5 years
getentrypointnir: Use nir_shader_get_entrypoint in TCS quad workaround code.Kenneth Graunke5 years
getnirsrc-immi965/fs: Make get_nir_src return immediates for scalar constants.Kenneth Graunke6 years
gitdmgitdm: Import gitdm configuration files.Kenneth Graunke5 years
glamorfu-vihack-1NOHW: disable all listeners of BRW_NEW_VERTICES/INDICES.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glamorfu-vihack-2NOHW: stop flagging BRW_NEW_VERTICES for 1st prim, stop BRW_NEW_INDICESKenneth Graunke7 years
glamorhacksless VS progKenneth Graunke7 years
glamorhacks-v2bigger batchesKenneth Graunke7 years
glamorhacks-v3i965: Drop BRW_NEW_BATCH from the gen7_depthbuffer atom.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glamorhacks-v3.1stashKenneth Graunke7 years
glamorhacks-v4only upload necessary scissor rects.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glamorhacks-v4.1i965: Switch to the DriverFlags mechanism for brw_cc_vp.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glcpp-line-expressionsglcpp: Hack to handle expressions in #line directives.Tapani Pälli4 years
glkintel: Apply Geminilake "Barrier Mode" workaround.Kenneth Graunke3 years
glsl-copypropglsl: Make opt_copy_propagation_elements actually propagate into loops.Kenneth Graunke5 years
glsl-ir-cseldump IR and stuffKenneth Graunke7 years
glsl-ir-exprsprototype-stringKenneth Graunke6 years
glsl-ir-muldiv-to-shiftglsl: Convert mul/div by power-of-two factors to shift expressions.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glsl-lower-const-arrays-to-uniformsglsl: Lower constant arrays to uniform arrays.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glsl-narrowingglsl: Add a narrowing expressions optimization pass.Kenneth Graunke7 years
glthreadi965: Implement threaded GL support.Kenneth Graunke3 years
glxwaitxglx: Insert a synchronisation point for glXWaitXKenneth Graunke5 years
gpushader5-v3i965/fs: Fix ir_binop_imul_high on Broadwell.Kenneth Graunke7 years
gradi965: Delete previous workaround for textureGrad with shadow samplers.Kenneth Graunke9 years
gridgrid hackeryKenneth Graunke6 years
growboi965: Add some batchbuffer debugging code.Kenneth Graunke3 years
growbo-2i965: Avoid problems from referencing orphaned BOs after growing.Kenneth Graunke3 years
gt4mesa: Fix pixel shader scratch space allocation on Gen9+ platforms.Kenneth Graunke5 years
gt4-12.0intel: Fix pixel shader scratch space allocation on Gen9+ platforms.Kenneth Graunke5 years
gt4-oldmesa: Fix pixel shader scratch space allocation on Skylake GT4.Kenneth Graunke5 years
gt_slicesi965: Allow slice shutdown.Kenneth Graunke8 years
guessexeci965: Delete p->compressed and the compressed stack.Kenneth Graunke7 years
haswelli965: Reduce GL_MAX_*_SAMPLES on Gen7-7.5.Kenneth Graunke3 years
haswell-parserpretend to do version 9Kenneth Graunke4 years
haswell-shadertimei965: Fix INTEL_DEBUG=shader_time for Haswell.Kenneth Graunke8 years
hsw-gles3conformi965: Fix haswell_upload_cut_index when there's no index buffer.Kenneth Graunke8 years
i915-mini915c: Use the actual MIN instruction.Kenneth Graunke6 years
i915gi915g: Add an I915_DEBUG=fs option.Kenneth Graunke8 years
i965-cc-state-workaround-optadd dirty flagsKenneth Graunke6 years
i965-reorgi965: Rename brw_vec4_gs.[ch] to brw_gs.[ch].Kenneth Graunke7 years
i965-separate-statebufferstashKenneth Graunke7 years
i965-state-newcontexti965: Demote BRW_NEW_BATCH to BRW_NEW_CONTEXT for shader state atoms.Kenneth Graunke6 years
i965-state-pkt-newi965: Make state atoms listen to their corresponding PKT_NEW bits.Kenneth Graunke8 years
i965-state-polygonstipplemesa: Move polygon and line stipple enables to DriverFlags mechanism.Kenneth Graunke8 years
i965-surface-formats-hswi965: Update the surface formats table with Haswell information.Kenneth Graunke6 years
i965-track-valid-storagei965: Orphan storage in MapBufferRange if invalidating all valid data.Kenneth Graunke4 years
ilk-contextsi965: Create the hardware context before initializing driver functions.Kenneth Graunke7 years
ilk-fast-clearget the dispatch modes rightKenneth Graunke6 years
ilkclipfixi965/clip: Fix brw_clip_unfilled.c/compute_offset's assembly.Kenneth Graunke7 years
index-buffer-rebasingi965: Drop index buffer re-alignment code.Kenneth Graunke4 years
indirect-parametersfixKenneth Graunke4 years
instpmi965: Use the upload BO for push constants on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke4 years
inteldebugi965: Compile out INTEL_DEBUG features when !defined DEBUG.Kenneth Graunke6 years
intensityRG hack. RG works for fbo-clear-formats. R doesn't. why?Kenneth Graunke4 years
interface-blocks-vkglsl linker: compare interface blocks during interstage linkingKenneth Graunke8 years
interpmode-11i965: Move VS load_input handling to nir_emit_vs_intrinsic().Kenneth Graunke5 years
interpmode-7stash - less validation for faster shader-dbKenneth Graunke5 years
interpmode-fixesi965: Fix move to topKenneth Graunke5 years
interpmode-sendnir: Update outdated intrinsic const_index comments.Kenneth Graunke5 years
invalidate-vgrfsi965: Invalidate virtual register information after register allocation.Kenneth Graunke6 years
invariant-allglsl: Make #pragma STDGL invariant(all) only modify outputs.Kenneth Graunke4 years
invariant-fixglsl: Don't propagate invariance to built-in uniforms.Kenneth Graunke5 years
invariant-fix-2glsl: Skip invariant/precision linker checks for built-in variables.Kenneth Graunke5 years
ioi965/vs: Simplify fs_visitor's ATTR file.Kenneth Graunke6 years
io-vsDo that for the vec4/vs backend tooKenneth Graunke6 years
io-vs-3gs stashKenneth Graunke5 years
io-vs-4i965/vec4: Drop the VS attribute map and simplify the ATTR file.Kenneth Graunke4 years
irisbetter boxing on mapsKenneth Graunke3 years
islvisibilityKenneth Graunke5 years
isl-addressstash - buffer stuffKenneth Graunke4 years
isl-address-2isl: Move relocation handling for depth/stencil/hiz into ISL.Kenneth Graunke4 years
isl-noreadbackisl: Provide a way to obtain the aux surface relocation delta bits.Kenneth Graunke4 years
isl-noreadback-combinedisl: Provide a way to obtain the aux surface relocation delta bits.Kenneth Graunke4 years
isl-relocisl relocationsKenneth Graunke4 years
islfixisl: Fix width check in isl_gen7_choose_msaa_layout.Kenneth Graunke4 years
isolinesisolines are not flippedKenneth Graunke6 years
iteri965: Only emit interpolation setup if there are actual FS inputs.Kenneth Graunke8 years
iteratorswipKenneth Graunke7 years
iterators-v2glsl: Cast ir_call parameters to ir_rvalue, not ir_instruction.Kenneth Graunke7 years
ivbborderrework texop checkingKenneth Graunke5 years
ivbborder-2booKenneth Graunke3 years
ivbborder-plus-stenciltry to handle offsets and gather?Kenneth Graunke5 years
jenkinsintel: Fix SIMD16 unaligned payload GRF reads on Gen4-5.Kenneth Graunke3 years
khrrobustmesa: Implement KHR_robustness.Kenneth Graunke5 years
kill-emit-copiesi965/fs: Drop the emit(fs_inst) overload.Kenneth Graunke7 years
kill-generatorsi965: Delete the Gen8 code generators.Kenneth Graunke7 years
kill-generators-zerodiffDump all assembly to /tmp/asmdump if ASMDUMP=/tmp/asmdumpKenneth Graunke7 years
krhmutexhaxKenneth Graunke6 years
l3i965: Listen to BRW_NEW_*_PROGRAM in L3 state atom.Kenneth Graunke4 years
l3-hackl3 config hackKenneth Graunke4 years
ldexpnir: Lower ldexp to arithmetic.Kenneth Graunke5 years
ldexp-2i965: Switch to NIR for ldexp lowering.Kenneth Graunke5 years
lockingglsl: Add locking to builtin_builder::initialize().Kenneth Graunke8 years
loopglsl: Skip type conversions in loop-size estimates on float-only arches.Kenneth Graunke9 years
loop-unroll-arraysglsl: Skip loop-too-large heuristic if indexing arrays of a certain sizeKenneth Graunke7 years
loop-unroll-with-callsallow unrolling with callsKenneth Graunke7 years
loop-vi-v2glsl: Drop do_common_optimization's max_unroll_iterations parameter.Kenneth Graunke7 years
loop-vi-v4increase heuristicKenneth Graunke7 years
loopsHAX: attempt to fix loops.Kenneth Graunke6 years
lower-vec-to-movsor use both?Kenneth Graunke5 years
manhattandrop the drawtransformfeedback math, who needs it anywayKenneth Graunke4 years
maphackstashKenneth Graunke6 years
masteri965: Replace exit() with _exit() when command submission fails.Kenneth Graunke4 years
master-futurei965: Refactor Gen4-6 SURFACE_STATE setup for buffer surfaces.Kenneth Graunke8 years
mesa-upsidedowndrop render_to_fboKenneth Graunke6 years
meta-generatemipmap-3dattempt to implement genmip for 3D.Kenneth Graunke7 years
meta-generatemipmap-layeredlayered genmipmapKenneth Graunke7 years
meta-not-blorpi965: Prefer Meta over BLORP for BlitFramebuffer.Kenneth Graunke6 years
mimathimport brw_alu_queryobj.cKenneth Graunke7 years
mocsi965: Don't cache render targets (MOCS = UC) unless blending.Kenneth Graunke6 years
modern-snormi965: Drop support for the legacy SNORM -> Float equation.Kenneth Graunke3 years
modifiersfix the buildKenneth Graunke4 years
mordori965: Use rcp in brw_lower_texture_gradients rather than 1.0 / x.Kenneth Graunke5 years
mov-flipperstashKenneth Graunke6 years
movntdqaFIXES FIXES FIXES!Kenneth Graunke8 years
msaai965: Make exec_size 16 word/byte registers use exec_size halving again.Kenneth Graunke5 years
msaafixesi965/fs: Use WE_all for gl_SampleID header register munging.Kenneth Graunke7 years
mulstashKenneth Graunke6 years
new-kernelwrite a prolonged diatribe about kernel dependenciesKenneth Graunke3 years
newblorpadd BRW_NEW_BLORPKenneth Graunke5 years
nffixi965: Don't emit MOVs with undefined registers for Gen4 point clipping.Kenneth Graunke3 years
ninefifteenninefifteen: stashKenneth Graunke6 years
nirnir: Optimize (a != -a) -> (a != 0) and (a == -a) -> (a == 0).Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-2i965/nir: Make INTEL_DEBUG=ann work with NIR.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-arbi965/nir: Use NIR for ARB_vertex_program support on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-arb-v2use for nirKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-cf-fixnir: Validate that a block doesn't have two identical successors.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-cf-fix-v4nir/cf: Fix dominance metadata in the dead control flow pass.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-cf-fix-v6nir: Add unit tests for control flow graphs.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-cf-testsnir: Add unit tests for control flow graphs.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-free-mirallow freeing mesa ir without invalidating programsKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-free-tiri965: Delete most of the linked GLSL IR when using NIR.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-helpersuse load/store helpers.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-hide-ffma-mulsHAX: getenv HIDEKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-hide-ffma-v2i965/nir: Move constants out of ffmas when multiplying several values.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-ior-iandfooKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-is-booli965/nir: add a nir_src_is_bool predicateKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-linki965/nir: Make INTEL_DEBUG=ann work with NIR.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-link-mergesquashKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-madfixi965/fs: Fix saturate on MAD and LRP with the NIR backend.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-masksnir: Use writemasked store_vars in glsl_to_nir.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nir-mattideaMatt suggested doing ADD then CMP with 0Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-memory-deadvari965/nir: Remove dead interface variables before assigning locations.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-memory-v2[AUTONAK] i965/nir: Call nir_sweep().Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-metadatai965/nir: Validate that NIR passes call nir_metadata_preserve().Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-move-comparisonsi965: Use the nir_move_comparisons pass.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nir-move-comparisons-v2i965: Use the nir_move_comparisons pass.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nir-move-comparisons-v3i965: Use the nir_move_comparisons pass.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nir-mul4toshiftalso do 2*x => x >> 1Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-nochanex-1nir: Implement constant reassociation for add/mul in nir_opt_algebraic.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-nochanex-3glsl: skeleton of an OPT() macroKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-nochanex-4reassoc separatelyKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-nochanex-5moarKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-nochanexprsnir: Implement constant reassociation for add/mul in nir_opt_algebraic.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-nosrcmod-julyi965/fs: Delete MOVs in saturate propagation.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-opt-boundschecknirhacksKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-reassociate-constsjust try it later?Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-ssa-validateuse the validatorKenneth Graunke6 years
nir-sysvali965/nir: Use nir_system_value_from_intrinsic to reduce duplication.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir-vsfix array attributes!Kenneth Graunke6 years
nir16-v2i965/nir: Enable SIMD16 support in the NIR FS backend.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nirboolnir: Rely on the fact that bcsel takes a well formed boolean.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nirbool-phinir/search: Extend 'a@type' matching to handle phi nodes.Kenneth Graunke5 years
no-rtstarti965: Drop render_target_start from binding table struct.Kenneth Graunke3 years
noassignvarloci965: Don't use nir_assign_var_locations for VS/TES/GS outputs.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nochanexi965: Do channel expressions on significantly fewer opcodes.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nochanex-2i965: Do channel expressions on significantly fewer opcodes.Kenneth Graunke5 years
nomc2i965: Use the nir_move_comparisons pass.Kenneth Graunke5 years
non-block-perfdebugi965: Issue perf_debug messages for unsynchronized maps on !LLC systems.Kenneth Graunke6 years
nopipedrawrectno drawing rectangle eitherKenneth Graunke4 years
nopwrite-2i965: Stop using pwrite altogether.Kenneth Graunke4 years
nosrcmodi965/fs: Drop nir_lower_to_source_mods().Kenneth Graunke6 years
noswitchno switch on gen6+Kenneth Graunke8 years
nouveaulikestashKenneth Graunke8 years
nukefpoptremove the optVarsize production ruleKenneth Graunke9 years
nukemorevpmesa/vbo: Remove vp_mode enum in favor of a boolean.Kenneth Graunke9 years
nv-non-squaremesa: Enable NV_non_square_matrices in ES2 contextRafal Mielniczuk5 years
oafix from rebasingKenneth Graunke4 years
oa-simd32derpKenneth Graunke4 years
olv-fast-depth-clearsi965: Avoid extraneous fast depth clearsChia-I Wu6 years
opti965/vs: Allow compute-to-MRF on scalars, even if the component changes.Kenneth Graunke9 years
oq-donei965: Use unsynchronized maps to reduce CheckQuery latency.Eric Anholt7 years
patchverticesini965: Use a uniform for gl_PatchVerticesIn in the TCS on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke5 years
paulimeta: texture rectangle textures may not have mipmapsPauli Nieminen9 years
pcx-growboi965: Reimplement all the PIPE_CONTROL rules.Kenneth Graunke4 years
peepholelrp peepholeKenneth Graunke8 years
peephole-lrplrp peepholeKenneth Graunke9 years
peephole-mad-lrplrp peepholeKenneth Graunke9 years
perf-debug-v2intel: Also track push constant data for INTEL_DEBUG=perf statistics.Kenneth Graunke8 years
perf-debug-v3intel: Under INTEL_DEBUG=perf, periodically dump some interesting counters.Eric Anholt8 years
perftimemake the buffer biggerKenneth Graunke7 years
perftime-b0!UPSTREAM try to make B0 work.Kenneth Graunke7 years
phi-factoringdon't make new phis that are useless.Kenneth Graunke5 years
pipecontroli965: Implement WaCsStallAtEveryFourthPipecontrol on IVB/BYT.Kenneth Graunke7 years
piqglsl: Fix return value of glGetProgramResourceiv of GL_BLOCK_INDEX.Kenneth Graunke5 years
pma-stencilgetenvKenneth Graunke4 years
pmastall-bdwi965: Specialize brw_vs_prog to listen to fewer dirty bits on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke7 years
pressurei965: Dump the register pressure!Kenneth Graunke8 years
program-cacheXXX: blorp is wrong.Kenneth Graunke5 years
program-cache-2.1is this necessary?Kenneth Graunke4 years
pscdepthi965: Drop BRW_NEW_VERTEX_PROGRAM and _NEW_TRANSFORM from Gen4 VS state.Kenneth Graunke7 years
ptr-relocs-3stashKenneth Graunke4 years
pushfixescall constant upload unconditionallyKenneth Graunke4 years
pushfixes-2BTP whackingKenneth Graunke4 years
pushfixes-3i965: Make stage_state->push_constants_dirty track commit status.Kenneth Graunke4 years
pushubo-genx-5.1i965: Use pushed UBO data in the scalar backend.Kenneth Graunke4 years
pushubo-instpminvert conditionKenneth Graunke5 years
qpitchi965: Fix QPitch calculation.Kenneth Graunke7 years
query-referencesi965/query: Cache whether the batch references the query BO.Kenneth Graunke7 years
questionsstashKenneth Graunke7 years
rallocralloc: Reimplement ralloc_autofree_context using C++ destructors.Kenneth Graunke10 years
ralloc-1ralloc: Remove C-style ralloc_autofree_context().Kenneth Graunke10 years
rbcemit SBA less, better gputest-triangle performance?Kenneth Graunke5 years
rbc-upload-hackrbc upload hackKenneth Graunke4 years
records-no-packingno varying packing:Kenneth Graunke6 years
records-v1i965: Fix scalar vertex shader struct outputs.Kenneth Graunke6 years
records-v2i965: Fix scalar vertex shader struct outputs.Kenneth Graunke6 years
reemit-boolsre-emit booleansKenneth Graunke5 years
relinkmesa: Skip glLinkProgram() if it isn't necessary.Kenneth Graunke7 years
relink-v2mesa: Skip glLinkProgram() if it isn't necessary.Kenneth Graunke7 years
relink-v3mesa: Skip glLinkProgram() if it isn't necessary.Kenneth Graunke7 years
render-texturei965: Short circuit render cache checks by tracking if it's empty.Kenneth Graunke7 years
repdata-clears-v3nuke dither.Kenneth Graunke7 years
repdata-everywherenuke dither.Kenneth Graunke7 years
resinfoi965: Use resinfo for texture coordinate rescaling.Kenneth Graunke7 years
resolve-samplerunitsi965: Look at samplers which are accessed by shaders for resolves.Kenneth Graunke4 years
restart-fixesmesa: Delete the ctx->Array._RestartIndex derived state.Kenneth Graunke8 years
returnsome fixes...Kenneth Graunke10 years
ringswitchi965: Switch rings explicitly.Kenneth Graunke8 years
robustaccessfix ib sizeKenneth Graunke5 years
samplec-execbuffast sample_c execbufKenneth Graunke6 years
sampler-cleanupsi965: Skip uploading border color when unnecessary.Kenneth Graunke7 years
samplertable-futurei965: Make the VS binding table as small as possible.Kenneth Graunke8 years
samplertable-oldWIPKenneth Graunke9 years
samplertable3fixupKenneth Graunke8 years
sampleshadingglapi: add ARB_sample_shading and add to GL 4.0Jordan Justen8 years
sanitize-depthi965: Use sanitized depth/stencil state.Kenneth Graunke4 years
satpropi965/fs: Delete MOVs in saturate propagation.Kenneth Graunke6 years
schedulingi965: Don't add barrier deps for ARF null destinations.Kenneth Graunke6 years
scissor-reworkdebuggin'Kenneth Graunke7 years
sdcreworkOH YEAH, new batch still requires emitting state. doiiiii.Kenneth Graunke8 years
selpeepholesel peephole - wipKenneth Graunke8 years
sendcskip sendc for blorpKenneth Graunke4 years
sendsswitch to sendsKenneth Graunke6 years
sends-3switch to sendsKenneth Graunke5 years
setdomain-2i965/bufmgr: Add comments about GTT coherency issues.Chris Wilson4 years
shader-db-crashutil/bitset: Make C++ wrapper trivially constructible.Francisco Jerez3 years
shader-nosi965: Record NOS dependencies for shader programs and only check those.Kenneth Graunke4 years
shadowglsl: Add support for the ES2 GL_EXT_shadow_samplers extension.Kenneth Graunke10 years
shadowsizei965: Allocate shadow batches to explicitly be the BO size.Kenneth Graunke3 years
shortifsi965: Turn short ifs into conditional moves.Eric Anholt7 years
simd16muli965: Break down SIMD16 integer multiplies on Gen7.Kenneth Graunke9 years
simd8gsi965: Add scalar geometry shader support.Kenneth Graunke6 years
simd8gs-indirectsi965: Allow indirect GS input indexing in the scalar backend.Kenneth Graunke6 years
simd8gs-pullPSIZ hack!Kenneth Graunke6 years
simd8gs-r3basekrh feedbackKenneth Graunke6 years
simd8gs-rebase-rebaseLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOooooyKenneth Graunke6 years
simd8vsi965: Switch on shader stage in nir_setup_outputs().Kenneth Graunke6 years
simplelistmesa: Port errors.c to util/list.h instead of simple_list.Kenneth Graunke6 years
skl-dual-patchbut 3-src @#%(*&#s up the whole approachKenneth Graunke5 years
skl-reduce-rlenpretend to be 430Kenneth Graunke5 years
snb-always-flushi965: Do Sandybridge workaround flushes before each primitive.Kenneth Graunke7 years
snb-blitsDon't try blorp path on Sandybridge for stencil that's too wideKenneth Graunke8 years
snb-vs-samplerVS sampler gen6Kenneth Graunke7 years
snbfixi965: Reserve more batch space to accomodate Gen6 perfmonitors.Kenneth Graunke6 years
snbfixesi965: Drop need_workaround_flush flag; always do post-sync workaround.Kenneth Graunke7 years
snbxf2i965: Replace hardcoded instances of 4 with BRW_MAX_XFB_STREAMS.Kenneth Graunke7 years
snorm7try to use R8/R16 formats for things to save memoryKenneth Graunke6 years
softpintry and fixKenneth Graunke3 years
softpin-v1.9i965: Require softpin support for Cannonlake and later.Kenneth Graunke3 years
softpin-v2i965: Require softpin support for Cannonlake and later.Kenneth Graunke3 years
softpin-v2.1intel/blorp: Emit VF cache invalidates for 48-bit bugs with softpin.Kenneth Graunke3 years
softpin-v2.2whine and complain moreKenneth Graunke3 years
softpin-v2.3i965: Require softpin support for Cannonlake and later.Kenneth Graunke3 years
softpin-v3i965: Require softpin support for Cannonlake and later.Kenneth Graunke3 years
spilldebugDEBUGGING: use fixed regsKenneth Graunke9 years
splitarraysglsl: Split arrays even in the presence of whole-array copies.Kenneth Graunke5 years
src0immi965/fs: Add a pass to commute immediates.Kenneth Graunke6 years
srgbst/mesa: Make Gallium's BlitFramebuffer follow the GL 4.4 sRGB rules.Kenneth Graunke5 years
srgb-simplifyi965: Prepare code for handling sRGB formats other than 8888.Kenneth Graunke4 years
srgb-txfi965: Ignore GL_SKIP_DECODE_EXT for textures accessed via texelFetch().Kenneth Graunke4 years
srgb2i965: Restore format whacking in SetTexBuffer2Kenneth Graunke4 years
srri965/fs: Use the Gen6+ MAD instruction for ARB fragment programs.Kenneth Graunke7 years
sstidyi965: Refactor Gen4-6 SURFACE_STATE setup for buffer surfaces.Kenneth Graunke8 years
state-all-progdatai965: Make fast clear code flag BRW_NEW_FS_PROG_DATA, not NEW_FP.Kenneth Graunke6 years
state-bt-uint8i965: Shrink size of prog_data's binding table starting indices.Kenneth Graunke6 years
state-kill-cachei965: Delete brw_state_flags::cache and related code.Kenneth Graunke7 years
state-tidyi965: Eliminate brw->cs.prog_data pointer.Kenneth Graunke5 years
state6i965: Emit the depth/stencil state pointer directly, not via atoms.Kenneth Graunke8 years
statebasei965: avoid duplicate state base address packetsKenneth Graunke5 years
statebufi965: Disentangle batch and state buffer flushing.Kenneth Graunke4 years
statebuf-shadowbump batch size to 20kBKenneth Graunke4 years
statedebugonly upload necessary scissor rects.Kenneth Graunke7 years
statehackeryDEBUG: disable blorp clears for nowKenneth Graunke8 years
stateprimederpaKenneth Graunke7 years
stateprime-surfacesi965: Delete BRW_NEW_{VS,GS}_CONSTBUF dirty flags.Kenneth Graunke7 years
stencildocs: Mention that {ARB,OES}_texture_stencil8 is supported on i965/gen8+Kenneth Graunke5 years
stencil-textureWIP stencil_texture8Kenneth Graunke7 years
subslicesi965: Use the correct number of threads for compute shaders.Kenneth Graunke5 years
subslices-v2anv: add FIXMEs for everything I need to port overKenneth Graunke5 years
symbolsglsl: Eliminate unused built-in variables after compilationIan Romanick7 years
syncobjdisable batch dumpKenneth Graunke6 years
synmarkincrease heuristicKenneth Graunke7 years
synmark-terrainextra asserts - need to fix alpha_to_oneKenneth Graunke7 years
synmark-terrain-2glsl: Lower constant arrays to uniform arrays.Kenneth Graunke7 years
synmark-terrain-blitsi965: For miptree blits, offset the base address to reduce Y offsets.Kenneth Graunke7 years
tcs8-6i965: Switch to scalar TCS by default.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tentententwo-normalpointermesa: Allow glNormalPointer with packed vertex types.Kenneth Graunke9 years
tes-improvementsi965: Push most TES inputs in SIMD8 mode.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tes-pushglcpp: Disallow "defined" as a macro name.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tessi965: Enable ARB_tessellation_shader on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tess-2HACK: lower indirects in tes inputsKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-3HS/DS compile fixesKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-8do patch in NIRKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-9do patch in NIRKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-chrisf-rebased-untesteddont prefetch hs binding table entries or ssamplersChris Forbes6 years
tess-gen8-only-patchvertices-pushi965: Enable ARB_tessellation_shader on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke6 years
tess-glesglsl: Fix location bias for patch variables.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tess-gles-3hack around dEQP bugsKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-gles-4stashKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-i965-2fix ivb urb limits, add more urb limits/thread countsKenneth Graunke7 years
tess-ivbHS fixKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-ivb-pairsrelease in pairsKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-ivb-singlei965: Enable ARB_tessellation_shader on Gen7-7.5.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tess-loopHAX: attempt to fix loops.Kenneth Graunke6 years
tess-nirnir: Combine type_size(), type_size_scalar(), and type_size_vec4().Kenneth Graunke6 years
tess-no-lowerglsl: Mark whole variable used for ClipDistance and TessLevel*.Kenneth Graunke6 years
tess-notcs1fooKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-notcs2glsl: TCS passthroughKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-notcs5NIRKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-quadsfix (?) the quads workaroundKenneth Graunke5 years
tess-rescramblei965: Rework gl_TessLevel*[] handling to use NIR compact arrays.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tess-rescramble-2i965: Rework gl_TessLevel*[] handling to use NIR compact arrays.Kenneth Graunke4 years
tess-sanity-workingcomment out padding slots between per-patch/per-vertex VUE stuffKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-tcs8stashKenneth Graunke6 years
tess-with-shadowingi965: Print force_writemask_all in dump_instructions().Kenneth Graunke6 years
tessellationadd maximumsKenneth Graunke8 years
tessquashNO MORE BLUE TRIANGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111oneoneelevenKenneth Graunke6 years
tex1darraydelete tex1darray stuffKenneth Graunke6 years
texparamsmesa: Support GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER in GetTexLevelParameter[if]v in GL 3.1+.Kenneth Graunke9 years
texstallstaaaaaashKenneth Graunke7 years
texswizzletg4 todoKenneth Graunke3 years
texture-grf-3opt_coalesce_send_from_grf_setupKenneth Graunke8 years
texture-grf-rebasei965/fs: Convert gen7 to using GRFs for texture messages.Eric Anholt8 years
texture-mrf-clobberi965/vs: Don't clobber sampler message MRFs with subexpressions.Kenneth Graunke9 years
texture_samplesdon't emit bogus LOAD_PAYLOADs of 0 registersKenneth Graunke6 years
texture_samples_3fooKenneth Graunke6 years
texturelocki965,meta: Stop unlocking the texture to try and prevent deadlocks.Kenneth Graunke7 years
tg4-in-esHACK: Allow GL_ARB_gpu_shader5 in ES.Kenneth Graunke6 years
tg4fixglsl: Make lower_constant_arrays_to_uniforms require dereferences.Kenneth Graunke7 years
tidying5merge most of the rest of InitContext with brwCreateContextKenneth Graunke8 years
tidying6i965: Merge intel_context.h into brw_context.h.Kenneth Graunke8 years
tiledmemcpyandroid build fixKenneth Graunke3 years
tombraiderglsl: Don't do constant propagation in constant folding.Kenneth Graunke5 years
tombraider-2glsl: Don't constant propagate arraysKenneth Graunke5 years
tombraider-2-shaderdbfix copy prop for loopsKenneth Graunke5 years
tressfxglsl: Don't constant propagate arrays.Kenneth Graunke5 years
trigi965: Fix SIN/COS precision problems.Kenneth Graunke5 years
trinei965: Fail to blit rather than assert on invalid pitch requirements.Kenneth Graunke8 years
ttnttn: Rework control flow stacksKenneth Graunke6 years
ubopushi965: Use the upload BO for push constants on Gen6+ as well.Kenneth Graunke7 years
undefcanonicalize swizzlesKenneth Graunke5 years
undef-2canonicalize swizzlesKenneth Graunke5 years
unigineWorkaround broken dual source blending in Unigine Valley.Kenneth Graunke7 years
unlikelymesa: Wrap unlikely() around conditions leading to _mesa_error().Kenneth Graunke6 years
unlimited-scratchi965: Support "unlimited" compute shader scratch space.Kenneth Graunke5 years
unlimited-scratch-v2i965: Support larger scratch space sizes for compute shaders.Kenneth Graunke5 years
urbi965: Use devinfo->urb fields directly rather than copying them.Kenneth Graunke6 years
urb-schedulei965: Allow scheduling of URB writes in the scalar backend.Kenneth Graunke5 years
urbstuffsi965: Fix assert about source attrs.Kenneth Graunke4 years
validate-reg-offsetsi965/vs: Validate reg offsetsKenneth Graunke8 years
valleyHAX: Workaround broken dual source blending in Unigine Valley.Kenneth Graunke7 years
value-numbering10i965/fs: Generate MAD even when we have constant arguments.Matt Turner7 years
value-visitorbasically done. doesn't compile due to CONST-EVERYWHEREKenneth Graunke9 years
vbfixi965: Set 3DSTATE_VERTEX_BUFFER::Null Vertex Buffer.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vbostashKenneth Graunke7 years
vbo-max-elementmesa: Delete VAO _MaxElement code and index buffer bounds checking.Kenneth Graunke7 years
vbo-v2work on ptrKenneth Graunke7 years
vbo-v3mesa: Delete dead vbo_any_varings_in_vbos() function.Kenneth Graunke7 years
vec4-tes-pushi965/vec4/tes: Use the push model for gl_TessLevelInner/Outer.Kenneth Graunke5 years
vec4-writemask-11delete dst_regKenneth Graunke7 years
vec4-writemask-12move to vec4_instKenneth Graunke7 years
vec4-writemask-13move to vec4_instKenneth Graunke7 years
vec4-writemask-7FOILED FOR NOW!Kenneth Graunke7 years
vec4gsi965/gs: Fix extra level of indentation left by the previous commit.Kenneth Graunke6 years
vec4runi965: Move register allocation into an allocate_registers() helper.Kenneth Graunke6 years
vectorizerglsl: Only increment the number of channels if it's a new channel.Kenneth Graunke7 years
version-overridesi965: Make INTEL_DEVID_OVERRIDE fake the best possible kernel support.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vertex-reworki965: Drop _mesa_update_state() call from our drawing function.Kenneth Graunke7 years
vfi965: Disassemble vector float immediates properly.Matt Turner7 years
vf-comp-indexingbooooKenneth Graunke4 years
vf-component-packingNOSTORE, in case writing 0's and 1's takes bandwidth.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vf-invalidatei965: Implement another VF cache invalidate workaround on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vfe-stalli965: Emit CS stall before MEDIA_VFE_STATE.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vfe-stall-3i965: Emit CS stall before MEDIA_VFE_STATE.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vffixi965: Properly handle integer types in opt_vector_float().Kenneth Graunke5 years
vffix-3i965: Properly handle integer types in opt_vector_float().Kenneth Graunke5 years
vfpackingi965: Delete unused brw_vs_prog_data::nr_attributes field.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vfpatchi965: Implement another VF cache invalidate workaround on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke4 years
vkclipnir: Delete open coded type printing.Kenneth Graunke5 years
vkjenkinsintel/compiler: Properly consider UBO loads that cross 32B boundaries.Kenneth Graunke3 years
vktessUse the TES output VUE mapKenneth Graunke4 years
vktess-oldtry to fix input/output structs in tessellation shadersKenneth Graunke5 years
vktess-v3fix cachingKenneth Graunke4 years
vmaskstashKenneth Graunke4 years
vs-cse-pulllowerKenneth Graunke7 years
vs-passthroughi965: Implement passthrough VS. Needs tidying and testing...Kenneth Graunke8 years
vs-simd8-pullno debug printsKenneth Graunke8 years
vsattrwai965/vec4: Drop support for ATTR as an instruction destination.Kenneth Graunke5 years
vswai965: Compute VS attribute WA bits earlier and check if they changed.Kenneth Graunke7 years
vuei965: Simplify handling of VUE map changes.Kenneth Graunke6 years
vue-3hacks to try and fix glxgearsKenneth Graunke6 years
vuecleani965: Simplify brw_nir_lower_vue_inputs() slightly.Kenneth Graunke5 years
vuemap-fixesglsl: Demote built-in varyings to generics if their meaning is ignored.Kenneth Graunke5 years
vulkanspirv: Fix structure splitting with per-vertex interface arrays.Kenneth Graunke5 years
wa4workaroundKenneth Graunke4 years
widelinesI guess I wanted +1, not *2.Kenneth Graunke9 years
x2ai965: Support rendering to RGBX formats in general.Kenneth Graunke7 years
xfb-math-3fixKenneth Graunke5 years
xfbfixesi965: Don't write a counter snapshot on EndTransformFeedback if paused.Kenneth Graunke5 years
yacc-readerirr2: try to improve debugging...also fix ( and ) being SYMBOLsKenneth Graunke11 years
ytile[hack] i965: Use Y-tiling for window system buffers on Gen9+.Kenneth Graunke4 years
ytransformspirv: Handle the PixelCenterInteger execution mode.Kenneth Graunke5 years
z32meta: Fix ClearTexture with GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT.Kenneth Graunke4 years
zsnesfix zsnes crashesKenneth Graunke4 years