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2013-05-15radeon: Use accessor for stencil reference valuesChris Forbes2-2/+5
2013-05-15nouveau: Use accessor for stencil reference valuesChris Forbes2-2/+5
2013-05-15intel: Use accessor for stencil reference valuesChris Forbes3-8/+11
2013-05-15mesa: Use accessor for stencil reference values in glGetChris Forbes2-2/+6
2013-05-15mesa: add accessor for effective stencil refChris Forbes1-0/+14
2013-05-14draw: try to prevent overflows on index buffersZack Rusin1-2/+2
2013-05-14draw: don't crash on vertex buffer overflowZack Rusin1-3/+5
2013-05-14mesa/st: Temporary workaround for fdo bug 64568.José Fonseca1-0/+5
2013-05-13i965: Add missing Haswell GT3 Desktop to IS_HSW_GT3 check.Rodrigo Vivi1-2/+2
2013-05-13i965: write layer if gl_Layer is used in VSJordan Justen1-0/+4
2013-05-13extensions: add AMD_vertex_shader_layerJordan Justen2-1/+3
2013-05-13mesa: Expose GL_OES_texture_npot on GLES1Chad Versace1-1/+1
2013-05-13glsl: Add lowering pass for ir_triop_vector_insertIan Romanick3-0/+3
2013-05-13glsl: Add ir_triop_vector_insertIan Romanick1-0/+1
2013-05-13glsl: Add ir_binop_vector_extractIan Romanick1-0/+1
2013-05-12i965/vs: Set the PreferDP4 shader compiler option.Kenneth Graunke1-0/+2
2013-05-12mesa: Move the mvp_with_dp4 flag to ShaderCompilerOptions.Kenneth Graunke8-28/+11
2013-05-12glsl: Pass struct shader_compiler_options into do_common_optimization.Kenneth Graunke4-5/+12
2013-05-12mesa: Add comments about bit-ordering of new XRGB/XBGR formats.Kenneth Graunke1-15/+15
2013-05-11st/mesa: remove dependency on _NEW_BUFFER_OBJECT for vertex arraysMarek Olšák2-3/+3
2013-05-11st/mesa: don't check for _NEW_PROGRAM when binding UBOsMarek Olšák1-2/+2
2013-05-11st/mesa: fix a couple of issues in st_bind_ubosMarek Olšák1-4/+16
2013-05-11st/mesa: restore the transfer_inline_write path for BufferDataMarek Olšák1-0/+15
2013-05-11st/mesa: initialize Const.MaxColorAttachmentsMarek Olšák1-7/+3
2013-05-11gallium: add PIPE_CAP_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE for GLMarek Olšák1-1/+4
2013-05-11st/mesa: consolidate setting MaxTextureImageUnitsMarek Olšák1-15/+11
2013-05-11st/mesa: initialize all program constants and UBO limitsMarek Olšák1-21/+43
2013-05-11mesa: add & use a new driver flag for UBO updates instead of _NEW_BUFFER_OBJECTMarek Olšák13-14/+41
2013-05-11mesa: skip _MaxElement computation unless driver needs strict bounds checkingMarek Olšák2-4/+26
2013-05-11mesa: remove unused gl_array_object::NewArrayMarek Olšák4-10/+0
2013-05-11mesa: remove unused gl_constants::MaxColorTableSizeMarek Olšák3-6/+0
2013-05-11mesa: unify MaxVertexVaryingComponents and MaxGeometryVaryingComponentsMarek Olšák5-9/+5
2013-05-11mesa: move max texture image unit constants to gl_program_constantsMarek Olšák24-55/+53
2013-05-11mesa: consolidate definitions of max texture image unitsMarek Olšák3-9/+5
2013-05-09i965: Actually use the user timeout in glClientWaitSync.Ben Widawsky1-9/+1
2013-05-09i965: make GT3 machines work as GT3 instead of GT2Paulo Zanoni2-37/+41
2013-05-09i965: Add chipset limits for the Haswell GT3 variant.Kenneth Graunke1-0/+6
2013-05-09i965: Update URB partitioning code for Haswell's GT3 variant.Kenneth Graunke1-8/+17
2013-05-09i965: Delete dead intel_span.c symlink.Kenneth Graunke1-1/+0
2013-05-09i965/vs: Make virtual grf live intervals actually cover their used range.Eric Anholt4-63/+31
2013-05-09i965/fs: Make virtual grf live intervals actually cover their used range.Eric Anholt6-72/+38
2013-05-09st/mesa: generate GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY if we can't create the index bufferBrian Paul1-1/+1
2013-05-08i965: Sync brw_format_for_mesa_format() table with new Mesa formats.Eric Anholt1-1/+31
2013-05-08i965: Update the surface formats table from the current specs.Eric Anholt1-0/+65
2013-05-08i965: Add surface format defines from the public specs.Eric Anholt1-0/+45
2013-05-08mesa/program: Don't copy propagate from swizzles.Fabian Bieler1-0/+2
2013-05-08mesa/st: Don't copy propagate from swizzles.Fabian Bieler1-0/+2
2013-05-08i965: Fix hangs on HSW since the gen6 blorp fix.Eric Anholt1-2/+101
2013-05-07i965: Use Y-tiled blits to untile for cached mappings of miptrees.Eric Anholt1-1/+2
2013-05-07i965: Add support for Y-tiled blits on gen6+.Eric Anholt2-3/+42