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glsl: support compilation of geometry shaders
This commit adds all of the parsing and semantics for GLSL 150 style geometry shaders. v2 (Paul Berry <>): Add a few missing calls to get_pipeline_stage(). Fix some signed/unsigned comparison warnings. Fix handling of NULL consumer in assign_varying_locations(). v3 (Bryan Cain <>): fix indexing order of 2D arrays. Also, allow interpolation qualifiers in geometry shaders. v4 (Paul Berry <>): Eliminate get_pipeline_stage()--it is no longer needed thanks to 030ca23 (mesa: renumber shader indices according to their placement in pipeline). Remove 2D stuff. Move vertices_per_prim() to ir.h, so that it will be accessible from outside the linker. Remove inject_num_vertices_visitor. Rework for GLSL 1.50. Reviewed-by: Ian Romanick <> v5 (Paul Berry <>): Split out do_set_program_inouts() argument refactoring to a separate patch. Move geom_array_resizing_visitor to later in the series. Reviewed-by: Kenneth Graunke <>
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