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masterSplit screen into 16 simultaneous benchmarksChris Wilson7 years
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2013-11-20Split screen into 16 simultaneous benchmarksHEADmasterChris Wilson25-40/+177
2013-08-25Use SHM events for synchronisation when possibleChris Wilson1-6/+104
2013-07-01maze: Add --use-mask parameterChris Wilson1-15/+74
2013-06-30Add a new demo similar to Bubbles!!!Chris Wilson4-1/+380
2013-01-25poppler: Prettier page animationChris Wilson1-6/+26
2012-08-18ximage: Provide double buffering for the similar imageChris Wilson1-12/+18
2012-08-18ximage: Add a couple of variations for means of presentationChris Wilson1-14/+64
2012-08-17ximage: Remove stale includesChris Wilson1-4/+0
2012-08-17Rename ximage to xshm and create a new demo based on similar-imageChris Wilson6-102/+243
2012-08-14Demonstrate use of cairo_surface_create_similar_image for fast pixel uploadChris Wilson7-11/+249