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Update the screen shot in the docs for FontInfo->Size (which now uses a matrix edit).
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These values are stored in tfm files (should you generate a tfm file with
your font).<BR Clear=All>
- <IMG SRC="fontinfo-size.png" ALIGN="Right" WIDTH="376" HEIGHT="601"><A NAME="Size">Size</A>
+ <IMG SRC="fontinfo-size.png" ALIGN="Right" WIDTH="453" HEIGHT="548"><A NAME="Size">Size</A>
This allows you to set the design size of a font, the design range, and provide
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"Ambrosia-Regular-Heading" -- the user should not be subjected to that
complication, as far as s/he is concerned there is just a font called
"Ambrosia-Regular" and all four of the above fonts are just instances of
- it. So the Style Name of all four fonts above should be "Regular"<BR Clear=All>
+ it. So the Style Name of all four fonts above should be "Regular".
+ <P>
+ Adobe allows two forms of size information. In one, only the design size
+ field is specified, in the other all the fields must be specified. This
+ means that if you want to supply a design range you are also required to
+ provide a style id and name.<BR Clear=All>
<IMG SRC="fontinfo-comment.png" WIDTH="369" HEIGHT="506" ALIGN="Right"><A