BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bdw-ppgttRevert "drm/i915/bdw: Use timeout mode for RC6 on bdw"Ben Widawsky6 years
bdw-rc6drm/i915/bdw: Use timeout mode for RC6 on bdwTom O'Rourke6 years
bdw-semaDONT_MERGE drm/i915: FORCE_RESTORE for gen8 semaphoresBen Widawsky6 years
big_pagesdrm/i915: Actually create big pages structsBen Widawsky7 years
blobifierdrm/i915: Add format modifiers for IntelBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v10drm/i915: Add support for CCS modifiersBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v2drm/i915: Add format modifiers for IntelBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v3drm/i915: Add format modifiers for IntelBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v4drm/i915: Add format modifiers for IntelBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v5drm/i915: Add support for CCS modifiersBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v6drm/i915: Add support for CCS modifiersBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v7drm/i915: Add support for CCS modifiersBen Widawsky3 years
blobifier-v8drm/i915: Add support for CCS modifiersBen Widawsky3 years
braswellfixup! x86: Add a Braswell defconfigBen Widawsky6 years
braswell+wbinvdfree shortcutBen Widawsky6 years
broadwellRevert "drm/i915: reverse dp link param selection, prefer fast over wide again"Ben Widawsky6 years
broadwell-null-ctxdrm/i915/bdw: cs-stall before state cache invld w/aBen Widawsky6 years
extra_error_objsdrm/i915/error: Support user specified BOsBen Widawsky6 years
faultingdrm/i915: distinguish pad and fault pagesBen Widawsky7 years
for-lentempBen Widawsky3 years
force_throttlehigh volatileBen Widawsky9 years
forced-throttlingdrm/i915: Add handling for batch parameters in debugfsBen Widawsky9 years
gpu_mirrordrm/i915/userptr: Mirror GPU addr at ioctl (HACK/POC)Ben Widawsky6 years
gt4switch to arch configBen Widawsky5 years
gtt-map-nonblockdrm/i915: write only gtt mappingBen Widawsky9 years
hsw-gt1-hangThis field must be always programmed to “100” , this is required to addre...Ben Widawsky6 years
ilk_contextsdrm/i915/ilk: Apply a long lost rc6 w/aBen Widawsky7 years
instdoneClarify some of the instdone print messagesBen Widawsky5 years
irq_fixRevert "drm/i915: enable forcewake voodoo also for gen6"Ben Widawsky8 years
jenkinsdrm-intel-nightly: 2015y-09m-02d-15h-24m-23s UTC integration manifestDaniel Vetter5 years
llc-scanoutdrm/i915/skl: Make default entry be eLLC onlyBen Widawsky4 years
mi_urb_cleardrm/i915: Add BDWBen Widawsky5 years
mocsdrm/i915: Add new MOCS entriesBen Widawsky4 years
mocs-newdrm/i915: Version the MOCS settingsBen Widawsky3 years
new-ccsworksBen Widawsky4 years
non-blockdrm/i915: IOCTL to query the cache level of a BO.Ben Widawsky9 years
non-lockdrm/i915: debugfs additionBen Widawsky9 years
ppgttpage allocator: Tmp OOM deadlock w/a from ChrisBen Widawsky7 years
ppgtt-POCfixup! drm/i915: Use multiple VMsBen Widawsky7 years
prelocateXXX: drm/i915: Unexplained workaroundsBen Widawsky6 years
rbcasdlkfasdfBen Widawsky4 years
readreaddrm/i915: ring sync optimizationBen Widawsky9 years
replace-ctxdrm/i915: Supplant the default contextBen Widawsky7 years
reuse-defaultRevert "drm/i915: Drop I915_PARAM_HAS_FULL_PPGTT again"Ben Widawsky7 years
ring-scaledrm/i915: Update HSW ring frequency scalingBen Widawsky7 years
schedulerpulled out copyin reloc stuff... untestedBen Widawsky9 years
scheduler_blockingreview for danvetBen Widawsky9 years
system_routinedrm/i915: debugfs interface for forcewake reference countBen Widawsky9 years
timestamptempBen Widawsky9 years
vgemdrm/vgem: add debugfs stuffBen Widawsky8 years
wait_renderingdrm/i915: s/i915_wait_reqest/i915_wait_seqno/gBen Widawsky8 years
wbinvddrm/i915: obey wbinvd threshold in more placesBen Widawsky6 years
wbinvd-drm-optdrm/i915: Opportunistically reduce flushing at execbufBen Widawsky6 years
gpu_mirror-v1.99commit cb6b1ee5a5...Ben Widawsky6 years
hsd-reprocommit 54d1772f27...Ben Widawsky6 years
gpu-mirror-v1commit d0a873be0e...Ben Widawsky6 years
broadwell-ww14.7commit 6a01a6160e...Ben Widawsky6 years
broadwell-ww12.3commit 617afec8be...Ben Widawsky6 years
broadwell-ww11.5commit d306089367...Ben Widawsky6 years