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1989-10-20fix argsjim1-6/+6
1989-10-20new arguments that make more sensejim1-16/+18
1989-10-20added support for objectsjim1-4/+7
1989-10-17fix initial setDisplayBuf so that it works on monojim1-2/+8
1989-10-14get rid of server-disconnect error - use closed-display insteadcjl1-8/+1
1989-10-14fix bug in fd-read-bytescjl1-2/+2
1989-10-13*** empty log message ***keith1-9/+4
1989-10-13do widgets.c by handjim1-2/+4
1989-10-13franz changescjl1-13/+57
1989-10-13Franz changescjl1-3/+10
1989-10-13Franz Changescjl1-14/+10
1989-10-13Frans changescjl1-1/+1
1989-10-13signal close-display if display is dead, instead of returning t.cjl1-1/+1
1989-10-13get coding of :copy right in create-window.cjl1-2/+2
1989-10-11better name of var in event-loop-step-beforecjl1-4/+4
1989-10-11return what event-case returnscjl1-50/+51
1989-10-11Support differentiation between timeouts and EOF.cjl1-16/+25
1989-10-11Document user-visible support for telling timeouts cjl1-36/+49
1989-10-11new fd-read-bytes that detect EOF correctly.cjl1-0/+2
1989-10-11calculator buttons get Oval shape styleconverse1-177/+177
1989-10-11spell resource name correctlykeith1-1/+1
1989-10-11new sme naming schemejim3-9/+9
1989-10-10Close the display once we detect and indicate EOF.cjl1-4/+14
1989-10-10Initial revisionjim1-0/+515
1989-10-10wrong type for one of the resourcesjim1-2/+2
1989-10-10no longer need app-defaults filejim1-1/+0
1989-10-10Last nits have been done to prepare for R4Beta.kit1-25/+30
1989-10-10look at library instead of headersjim1-2/+3
1989-10-10uses paned instead of vpaned.kit1-3/+3
1989-10-10Fixed the translations. do-nothing was undefined.kit1-2/+2
1989-10-10HPUX's shm.h #defines dirty, collides with Xlibos.hrws1-1/+4
1989-10-10Remove the bad implementation of string-trim.cjl1-10/+5
1989-10-10Hornigs colormap-visual stuffcjl1-1/+2
1989-10-10Hornigs colormap-visual.cjl1-15/+16
1989-10-10Hornig's addition of a colormap visual.cjl1-0/+2
1989-10-10Gotta rename all the files first.cjl1-3/+3
1989-10-10Reworked I/O routines.cjl1-118/+117
1989-10-09fixed CvtStringToPixmap to CvtStringToBitmapjim1-8/+8
1989-10-09added XawInitializeWidgetSetjim1-1/+3
1989-10-09add stdio.hkeith1-1/+2
1989-10-09avoid using Position which is an Xt no-nokeith1-4/+4
1989-10-09added event poopjim1-5/+19
1989-10-09added ExtensionDefinesjim1-0/+1
1989-10-09wrong Xt lib specrws1-2/+2
1989-10-08added -copyjim1-5/+11
1989-10-08I have updated things to use the new text widget interface. There werekit5-44/+37
1989-10-08put xmbufinfo into all::jim1-2/+2
1989-10-08put in mbuf test and commented out bezier testjim1-6/+12
1989-10-08Initial revisionjim1-0/+108